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Samsung unveil 533MHz CPU for handheld devices


July 21, 2003

Samsung unveil 533MHz CPU for handheld devices

Samsung unveil 533MHz CPU for handheld devices

Tuesday July 22, 2003

With a core speed of 533MHz, the S3C2440 is the world's fastest mobile CPU according to Samsung, which has designed its latest chip with the demands of the burgeoning PDA and multimedia phone market in mind.

Like Sony's "Handheld Engine" - the in-house chip that powers the latest Clie handheld announced earlier this week - performance, power management and power consumption considerations are central to the processor's design.

The S3C2440 provides a common set of peripherals to enable phone and PDA manufacturers to integrate of features such as digital cameras, USB host and touch screen interface more cost-effectively.

The S3C2440 CPU supports major operating systems including Microsoft Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian and Linux.

Processors built by Samsung Electronics are used in Hewlett Packard's newest iPAQ hand-held devices and the new high-speed, low-power mobile CPU is sampling now in 533MHz, 400MHz, and 300MHz versions, and will be in mass production from Q4 2003.

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