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Portable DVD Burner and Digital Theatre


July 4, 2003

Saturday July 5, 2003

Not a week goes by without the arrival of another innovative example of multi-media convergence and the Que!007 Portable DVD Burner and Digital Theatre is no exception. As both a stand-alone entertainment device and a multi-functional computer peripheral the Que!007 plays CDs, MP3s and DVDs directly to a TV or flat-screen display and also functions as a FireWire DVD burner and portable data storage drive.

Digital Peripheral Solutions designed the Que!007 to replace several PC/MAC peripherals - DVD Burners, set-top/portable DVD players, MP3 players and audio CD players - with an all-in-one, portable, battery-operated device.

The versatility of the Que!007 means it can be used to give a PowerPoint presentation on Friday and thrown in the car so the kids can amuse themselves with MP3s on the weekend trip.

The Que!007 includes 4.7GB of storage, built-in LCD display, Dolby Pro Logic and 3D Virtual Surround, a universal headphone/analog/optical audio output jack and runs on 9-volt DC-power as a portable unit.

Currently available in the US at a cost of US$599, more information on the Que!007 Portable DVD Burner and Digital Theatre can be found by following the links below.

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