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All-in-one multimedia PC on a massive scale


June 27, 2003

All-in-one multimedia PC on a massive scale

All-in-one multimedia PC on a massive scale

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Saturday June 28, 2003

It's the type of big screen you would expect to find on the wall of an impressive home cinema, but the TEK PANEL 300 is actually and all-in-one multimedia computer that offers 76cm of screen real estate in a slim-line design just 12.5cm thick.

The expansive 16 million colour, Active Matrix (TFT) LCD screen provides a brilliant digital image using advanced DVI-LVDS signalling.

On the computing front, the TEK PANEL 300 features Pentium 4 power, Radeon graphics, 512MB memory a high speed 120GB hard drive, is fully upgradeable and runs on the XP Pro operating system.

A wireless keyboard and mouse operational to a distance of up to 10m is included and PC/peripheral connectivity is covered from all angles: six USB 2.0 ports, Internet via RJ-11 or 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45) serial and open PCI slot are standard, plus TEK PANEL can handle any TV input from cable, antenna, satellite or S-Video.

Outputs are also plentiful, including Digital Dolby AC-3 and HDTV support.

The largest all-in-one unit on the market today according to Tekpanel, this mega-PC is currently available online for US$6,495.00 through www.tekpanel.com.

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