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Mega PC promises home entertainment convergence


July 7, 2003

Mega PC promises home entertainment convergence

Mega PC promises home entertainment convergence

Tuesday July 8, 2003

The term personal computer may become obsolete over the next few years as devices like the MEGA PC enter our homes and break down the barriers between "computing" and "entertainment". This multimedia PC unveiled earlier this year at CeBIT 2003 in Germany functions as a hi-fi stereo, DVD and video, MP3 and personal computing centre.

Though still geared towards gaming and entertainment, the MEGA PC is a clear indication of where convergence can take us. As well as its extensive entertainment features which include the ability to act as a TV tuner and AM/FM stereo, the device supports wireless linking (802.11b), has 2GB memory capacity, can read data from media cards as well as discs and the array of connectivity options include 4 USB ports.

MEGA PC also supports a range of add-ons including wireless remote control, wireless keyboard and mouse, and 5.2 channel hi-fi speakers.

MSI will launch the MEGA PC in "barebones", so that users can choose CPUs, RAM and hard drives according to their needs.

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