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Mambo P505 offers 3-in-1 versatility

The latest MP3 player from Mambo Digital adds direct USB connectivity and digital voice recording to its music playback capabilities. As a "Plug and Play" USB device, the Mambo X P505 eliminates cables from the transfer process and also makes it easier to use as an external drive for other types of data storage and transfer. Combine this with up to 4 hours of digital voice recording and the ability to lock out unauthorised access to your data and you have a very versatile device that's less than 10cm in length and costs AUS$249.

The MusicDrive P505 includes Mambo Digital's EZ-Navigator file management tool and a "Navi-Dial" is used to access files and song titles on the backlit graphic LCD display.

The locking function enables you to lock/unlock the USB port on the MusicDrive by entering a 4-digit code and no back-door access or software hacking is possible according to the manufacturers.

The P505 measures 96 x 30 x 22 mm and weighs 25 grams (without the single AAA battery required) and stereo earphones, neck strap and carrying pouch are included.

The Mambo X MusicDrive P505 MP3 player is currently available if a 128MB version at a cost AUS$249. A 256MB version is expected to follow.

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