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New Treo 600 smartphone unveiled


June 22, 2003

Handspring have unveiled the design of the yet to be released Treo 600 series smartphones. Significantly smaller and looking more like a conventional mobile phone than previous models, the PDA/mobile phone combination will incorporate a full QWERTY keyboard and Palm OS 5-based organiser with messaging, email, and web browsing features. The innovative design minimizes the performance and usability trade-offs typically found in converged products according to Handspring, which expects the first Treo 600 products to reach Australia in Spring.

In squeezing a full keyboard into the limited surface area, designers have employed unique dome shaped keys to enhance fast input and one-handed use. This is backed-up by a five-way navigation system and programmable "hotkeys" (where any of 26 different keys can be set for one-touch access to phone numbers, email addresses, web pages or specific application functions).

Treo 600 products will feature an ARM processor and Palm OS 5 suitable for multimedia functions like video viewing along with new proxyless version of the Handspring Blazer web browser, an expansion slot for third-party secure digital and MMC solutions such as MP3 and wireless networking solutions, a built-in VGA camera for taking and sending pictures and setting up picture caller ID, and a dual speaker architecture for high-quality phone and system audio.

Stay tuned to Gizmo for more details on Treo 600 release date and price as they become available.

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