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Practical, portable sound

Practical, portable sound

Practical, portable sound

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Audio output quality is still an issue with many portable music players currently in use, especially in situations where more than one person wants to listen and headphones are inappropriate. Alternatives such as standalone satellite speakers usually involve a compromise in sound quality and create more excess baggage while in transit. TDK have created a solution with I'MASPEAKER - a CD Carry-Case that conceals a high-quality, flat-panel speaker within its design to provide a practical means of accessing your music on the move with minimal impact on baggage requirements.I'MASPEAKER (Integrated Music Accessory Speaker) utilises NXT technology to incorporate the slimline speaker within the case while maintaining exceptional sound quality. NXT technology - known as SurfaceSound - uses a small motor (an exciter) to generate bending waves across the surface of a panel to create a diffuse sound field. For I'MASPEAKER this means that a wider sonic 'sweet spot' is provided by the NXT panel without the 'beaming' effect of conventional multimedia speakers. I'MASPEAKER can be used in conjunction with MP3 or laptops as well as CD Players and is available in two models - the stereo model holds 24 CDs and offers seven hours of playing time using three AA batteries, while the mono version holds 12 CDs and provides eight hours of playing time using two AA batteries. Available in three colours (black, red and blue the stereo version costs AUS$49.95 while the mono version costs $29.95.

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