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Pool Eye Alarm - extra supervision for the backyard pool

The high number of preventable deaths that occur from drowning in Australia each year is well known - drowning is the single most common cause of death of toddlers aged 1 to 4 years in this country and about half of these deaths occur in residential swimming pools or spas. While there is never any substitute for suitable fencing and constant supervision, the Pool Eye Alarm is designed to add another level of security around home pools by sounding an alert, both inside and outside the house, when a child or pet as light as 7 kg falls into the pool.

The Alarm uses an underwater wave sensor mounted to the edge of your pool to detect disturbances to the water, while remaining immune to the effects of wind and rain. When a disturbance occurs a 120dB siren is sounded at the pool's edge along with a 100dB indoor siren that can be placed anywhere up to 30 metres form the poolside unit (which is battery operated to avaiod the risk of electric shock).

To avoid false alarms or increase protection under certain circumstances, the sensitivity is adjustable and a night vision component that uses passive infrared (PIR) to monitor the surface area of the pool (up to 3 x 6 metres) is also available.

The Pool Alarm is available in Above-Ground and In-Ground versions with pricing starting at US$129.99. Follow the links below for further info.

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