Sealegs amphibious boat powers over land and sea


June 4, 2004

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Haaa, I invented AirLegs, retractable wheels for airplanes. The patentpending concept from America uses powerful motorised wheels that are retracted when the airplane is in the air. When in this position the legs are completely out of sight and the airplane can be flown and used as normal. For the reverse situation, where the airplane is returning to land, the Airlegs wheels are lowered whilst still in the air and the airplane flown towards ground until the wheels touch the ground and the airplane can be driven back up the taxi way.With the sheer convenience of driving the airplane on land, Airlegs is ideal for those lucky enough to reside on the airport, or for use as a luxury airplane tender. The Airlegs system utilises all painted components and is Air ready.


He he he you\'re a smart-#@% Pizza eater :-)


Actually more viable than the author of this article realizes. 99% of the places where one can use a boat do not have a boat launch ramp or a boat hoist. The only solution is to build a boat dock which adds considerable expense even if it is legal to build and likely to survive winter storms, which is highly unlikely.

All around the USA, Central America, the Caribbean, South Pacific, there are places where beach launches are not possible or where a boat trailer and expendable tow vehicle need to be used with the associated hazards. This is a great solution except that it is too small for widespread use. A 12\' size is the bare minimum to provide an effective solution for both private and commercial uses.

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