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Rotational dining table

Rotational dining table

Rotational dining table

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One of the problems with sitting at a table full of interesting people is that you can only ever sit next to two of them at a time. It takes a disciplined and insistent host to make sure people keep moving "rotational dinner" style and in these times of fast dating and networking, it seems it's either finger food or wait until after dinner to meet all those people. Now there's a high-tech alternative designed with the vision of actively engaging fresh communication and alleviating all the physical and emotional barriers commonly associated through introductions. This revolutionary dining table from Contab moves you, your seat, and your food slowly around the its perimeter... so you get to meet everybody at the table several times during a two hour period.

This revolutionary dining table from Contab that moves you, your seat, and your food slowly around the its perimeter, allowing all the guests at the table to interact equally - so now you can mingle while you're sitting down.The movement is slow enough that you don't notice it happening and in two hours you will have spoken to everyone twice without even moving from your seat.

All the fittings are changeable enabling different design elements to be clipped on for the creation of a setting that will suit the surroundings..The price tag starts at around US$80,000 for this magnificent conversation piece and the modular design means that the table be fitted out to seat 60 people.

Check out Contab's time-lapse Quicktime video (or windows) to see how the rotational experience works.

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