Handheld entertainment centre offers direct recording from TV


June 4, 2004

The Jukebox Multimedia 120 combines a modular MP4 video player, MP3 music player/recorder and up to 40GB data storage in a compact (110 x 79 x 29 mm) handheld unit. For the first time there's also a JBM Digital Video Recorder add-on option that enables direct recording to the Jukebox Multimedia device from the television, without the need of a computer to interface the digital video file.

Capable of uploading, storing and playing up to 80 hours of video on the on either the built-in colour LCD screen or through a TV or PC interface, the Jukebox Multimedia 120 also caters for more than 1000 hours voice recording and real-time recording of up to 660 hours of music in MP3 format. The device also doubles as a 1.3 megapixel digital camera or camcorder and has the ability to store thousands of images, making it useful as a portable digital photo album.

The previous model - the Jukebox Multimedia 20- was first handheld MP4 video player on the market according to ARCHOS. The new 100 series provides a boost to processing as well as the optional JBM DVR-Module that enables direct recording of video into MPEG4 with format with an MP3 sound track from any RF/TV feed.

Transfer of data is via a USB2.0 interface with FireWire options available.

Awarded "Best in Show" at the 2003 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, further info on the ARCHOS Multimedia 120 can be found at

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I love Archo\'s products but there battery\'s never last for crap and they obsolete there product line so fast that if you keep it for any amount of time and then need it worked on your flat out of luck. That all being said they still have about the most innovative and user friendly devices out there. :-)

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