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Panoramic SkyHome

Panoramic SkyHome

Panoramic SkyHome

The elevated SkyHome system is a home of the future concept that provides all-season, scenic residential living, in a safe, solid and practical format.

The World first design can handle 300+ kph winds and the 3-bedroom "retro roof" model (pictured) features a ground-level pavilion and two-vehicle garage. The elevated living space consists of two levels incorporating a home office, home theatre, futuristic laundry, automated kitchen, health spa and a roof-level deck with hot-tub and all-weather sound system.

Access to the luxury nest is via a commercial grade elevator and an intelligent security system protects the entire premises.

Custom construction provides a choice of colours, styles, exterior materials and sizes, with heights between "tree-top level" and 30m available.

The design is the brainchild of Skypad Technologies founding architect/designer Fritz Myer, whose vision combines advanced design philosophies, computer engineering and wind tunnel testing, while utilising standard construction industry practices and materials such as glass, steel and cement.

US based Skypad Technologies is engaged in a number of hotel projects around the world and along with the proposed residential design, commercial use bed and breakfast models and "elevated communities" are also planned.

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