Highlights from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Redback Spyder: Oz designed & built road going supercar

Victorian based Carbontech have produced this stunning home grown V8 sports car known as the Redback Spyder. The open-top, road-hugging Spyder features a LeMAN style full front and rear ground effects tray system and unique twin alloy, front mounted radiators for improved weight distribution and centre of gravity characteristics. The 32 Valve, 4.0L V8 generates 400+ horses at 7500rpm and is capable of reaching 100kph from a standing start in under 4 seconds.

The incredibly low profile lines (ground clearance is a meagre 125mm) wrap tightly around the 17" wheels. The reduced frontal area creates less resistance and radiator and brake cooling is enhanced by the massive front air intakes.

The chassis is a semi-monocoque space-frame construction and the body is a carbon/Kevlar composite. The vehicle's aerodynamics are further enhanced by a fully adjustable rear wing and the option of 5 or 6 speed manual LSD transaxle is given.

A top speed of 320kph is estimated for the tw0-seater Spyder, which is currently only available as completed Turnkey model (not a kits) but no price is available at the time of publication. See www.carbontech.com.au for more information and contact details.

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