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Extreme Toys Expo on the way

A brand new exhibition called Extreme Toys - an exciting concept of exccessive and aspirational toys and activities for adventurous adults - is set to tour Australia. Fast cars, adventure holidays, home wares, the latest gadgets,extreme sports, big boats, loud music, adrenalin pumping, chest thumping, life of leisure, total pleasure. The Extreme Toys Expo will provide exhibitors an opportunity to display their products and services to an audience who are looking to be excited and inspired.

The Extreme Toys Expo runs in conjunction and within the same hall as Sexpo - Health Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo. There can now be no doubt as to the mainstream appeal of the Sexpo event with over 150,000 people from all walks of life visiting the last three events. It is the most popular (on a per square metre basis) and rapidly growing exhibition in Australia. With Sexpo being an adults only Expo, Extreme Toys and Sexpo is guaranteed to attract visitors all over 18 years of age and many with high disposable incomes. Just the right demographic for "Extreme Toys".

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