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The Go Plate – for a balanced diet


June 23, 2009

The Go Plate fits over bottles...

The Go Plate fits over bottles...

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Juggling a beer and a plate loaded with appetizers at summer barbecues can become a delicate balancing act. With both hands tied, how do you actually get the food in your mouth without burying your face in the plate? The Go Plate offers a solution by fitting over your drink to free up one hand for shoveling that food in.

While the plastic Go Plate might not make the grade at classy events, it’s definitely practical enough to keep people smiling (and gesticulating) at most casual gatherings. Just make sure you remember to remove the plate before taking a swig lest your face be covered in hors d'oeuvres.

The 10-inch diameter Go Plate is made from reusable, recycled clear plastic that can go right in the dishwasher. KeyWorks is selling a pack of 42 for USD$48.50.

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