Gnarboard electric skateboard takes on a C5 Corvette


August 23, 2012

The Gnarboards Trail Rider and Corvette C5 battle it out in a 75-foot drag

The Gnarboards Trail Rider and Corvette C5 battle it out in a 75-foot drag

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When we first took a look at the Gnarboards Trail Rider electric skateboard a couple of months ago, we likened it to a “Ferrari for your feet” due to it boasting a power-to-weight ratio that would put many cars to shame. But rather than a Ferrari, Gnarboards creator Joshua Tulberg has pitted his invention against another vehicle to demonstrate its power and speed – a C5 Corvette.

While the drag races were only over a distance of 75 feet (22.8 m), they served Tulberg’s goal of proving the Trail Rider’s ability to go from 0 to 28 mph (45 km/h) in under two seconds (1.9 seconds to be exact). With four 850 W electric motors providing 3.4 kW of power (16.5 kW peak power) and instant torque, the 4WD Trail Rider reaches its 28 mph maximum speed before the finish line, which allowed the Corvette to catch up and saw the series of races ultimately ending in a tie.

The Trail Rider is the most powerful electric skateboard in the Gnarboard range, which also includes the 2 kW Road Warrior, which can go from 0-28 mph in 2.8 seconds, and the 1.4 kW Commuter, which takes 3 seconds. It boasts a 13 to 15 mile (21 to 24 km) range and can be charged in two hours.

The drag races were also conducted to highlight the Gnarboards’ Kickstarter campaign, which is attempting to raise some cash with which to finish the company’s first batch of eight electric skateboards and hopefully generate orders for the second and third batches. It appears to have worked with the campaign reaching its US$15,000 goal with 15 days still to run.

Pre-orders can still be made through the Kickstarter with prices starting at $2,900 for the base model Commuter to be delivered by November this year, up to $4,000 for Trail Rider model from the third batch to be delivered by March, 2013.

The Trail Rider and Corvette can be seen going head to head in the video below.

Source: Gnarboards, Kickstarter

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awesome video!

JuliAnn Miller

I didn't know C5's were so slow. He wouldn't have come close to beating my RX7!


Can't wait for my husband to get his Gnarboard.

Mana Tulberg

This article and the video demonstrate the power, speed, and fun of the GnarBoard. Can't wait to receive mine and post some videos of my own.

Carl Einer Tulberg

Er, how do you attach a seat belt? With acceleration like this, would it not throw most regular folks off the board?

Doc Rock

@Doc Rock he does have a "seat belt" for his feet... they're called foot bindings! :)

JuliAnn Miller

When are you going to manufacture a model with attached walker for all of the octogenarians who are turned on by your skateboard?

Gma T

Wish I could race a GnarBoard to 75 feet in an F-16. GnarBoard would probably still win, but the Viper would look at least as sexy as the GnarBoars crossing the finish line!

Gene Tulberg

RX7..ha, not a chance buddy. you can tell he let off the throttle in a couple of the shots. the board would have no problem beating your car.

I'm sure he'd be down to race and prove it.

keep them coming GNARboards!!

Daniel Tulberg

I don't think this guy has anything more to prove. Haters can hate all they want, this thing is GNARLY! ... now I just need better health insurance.

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