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Glyde Gear's Fly combines a backpack and a scooter


July 9, 2013

The Fly, in scooter mode

The Fly, in scooter mode

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So, let’s see. We’ve already got a suitcase with a built-in scooter, and a bike that can be carried in its own backpack, so that would leave ... a backpack with an integrated scooter? Anyhow, that’s just what the Glyde Gear’s Fly is.

The backpack part of the rig is made from 600 denier polyester, and features one large 25.4-liter main compartment, a front utility pocket, a mesh water bottle pocket, and a padded back panel and shoulder straps.

Should you feel like scooting it instead of wearing it, however, a glass-reinforced nylon foot platform folds out from the back. That platform has one polyurethane wheel at the end, plus the pack has two other wheels on its bottom. Together, they turn the pack into a 3-wheeled scooter.

An extendable handle can also be pulled up from the top of the pack, for use as a handlebar. Alternately, if the foot platform is left “undeployed,” that handle and the two bottom wheels let users tow the pack like a wheeled suitcase. A skid plate helps keep the polyester from getting scuffed on the ground.

The Fly is available via the company website for US$89.99. People who already own a Razor scooter might also be interested in Evoluggage, a backpack that’s designed to be integrated with that model. More adventurous types, on the other hand, might want to try some “mountain scooting” with the backpack-contained Mountainskyver.

Source: Glyde Gear via Cool Pile

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