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Glassified makes on-paper designs come to life


August 7, 2013

Glassified's clear graphics display allows augmented reality interaction with your drawings

Glassified's clear graphics display allows augmented reality interaction with your drawings

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The world of do-it-yourself and hackable hardware is an ever-expanding area of electronics. We've already seen some interesting examples out of the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab like the camera-toting EyeRing, now a truly useful bit of DIY technology called Glassified can be added to that list.

Developed by Anirudh Sharmah, Lirong Liu, and Pattie Maes, Glassified is a hybrid ruler with a transparent graphics display. This allows users to combine their figures drawn on paper with virtual and dynamic graphics – making drawings interactive.

A digitizer captures the pen strokes within the display and updates the graphical overlay, giving users the opportunity to interact with their drawings. By labeling specific pen strokes, the digitizer recognizes laid out patterns, like vectors for a computer program.

The Glassified technology has potential uses that range from designing simple arrays to measuring angles or calculating area. Though it isn't live yet, the team promises to provide DIY instructions for building Glassified in the near future.

The video below gives a demonstration of the technology.

Source: Anirudh Sharma


Actually I think this is quite novel. It needs to be developed to recognize different color ink though. So a draftie or engineer can redline on a b&w drawing to confirm measurements and the like. Otherwise there is limited use since you can use a ruler or camera for most of the other tasks.


I don't see how this is better than a decent (and often free) 2D-CAD program. Am I missing something?

Bruce H. Anderson
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