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Glad Tent doubles as a giant garbage bag


May 9, 2013

The Glad Company recently experimented with a combination tent and garbage bag, known as the Glad Tent

The Glad Company recently experimented with a combination tent and garbage bag, known as the Glad Tent

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Outdoor music festivals are notorious for a lot of things, one of the biggest being the amount of garbage left behind by the concert-goers. In an effort to get music fans to clean up after themselves, while also providing them with half-decent temporary shelter, the Glad Company recently experimented with a combination tent/big garbage bag, known as the Glad Tent.

The tent, and the whole project in which it was tested, was created for Glad by the Miami-based Alma advertising agency. “For years, Glad has been a leader in innovative green solutions and focusing on two of the three R’s: Reduce (by utilizing less plastic in their bags) and Recycle (by supporting recycling programs and creating specialized products),” Alma’s Daniella Biffi told us. “But we had to figure out how to apply that last R (Reuse) to Glad’s trash bags. So the Glad Tent concept was born.”

The one-person tent is made from Glad ForceFlex garbage bags. A number of the tents were given to attendees who were camping at this year’s SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, on the condition that they use the bags to pack up their trash when they leave. According to Biffi, the response was “overwhelmingly positive.”

It’s definitely a clever, intriguing idea, although it does raise a few questions ... Wouldn’t the people most likely to care about eliminating litter already clean up after themselves anyway? How many people would just sleep in the tent because it’s cheaper than buying a reusable one, then leave it as yet another piece of garbage? And how humid does it get inside one of those things?

In any case, a representative from Glad told us that there are no immediate plans to produce the tents commercially.

The Glad Tent can be seen in use in Alma’s video below.

Via: Fast Company

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I'd be concerned about the possibility of suffocation.


Only if it was fitted over your head !

Mike DuBois

Shame people aren't responsible enough to police their area without having to be reminded or bribed. When I was growing up we were taught by our parents to leave a campsite as clean or cleaner than we found it. Still a great innovative idea.


Why do people throw their trash on the ground to begin with? Don't they think far enough ahead and bring a grocery store bags to use as a trash can? While Jeeping, I use a light canvas bag lined with a plastic bag. It is attached to my rear mounted spare tire on the back of my jeep.

Paul Smith

if it were available clear-it'd work great as a greenhouse...


"Why do people throw their trash on the ground to begin with?" Because they have been taught that someone else will clean it up for them, so they don't have to. And/or the trash cans around become full and people aren't willing to carry the trash with them.

In countries where people are taught that they have to clean up after themselves, it's not as much of a problem. But in the US, Mom (or the housekeeper for some families) or the janitor always picks up after us, so why bother doing it ourselves? Why bother carrying that dirty trash (which we are taught somehow magically becomes disgusting a few minutes after we are done with it) with us when someone else can clean it up? Why care about the environment in the long term when walking over to the trash can or carrying trash with me inconveniences me in the short term?

I think this tent is a great idea - a single person can't produce enough trash to fill that up themselves, so other people around them would be able to toss their trash in too. Even if people were leaving them as another piece of trash, others could throw trash in. It's a shame they don't plan to produce them commercially, but it looks like it would be simple to make some, if one can find trash bags big enough...

Amanda Matthews

This feels like a solution, looking for a problem.

Several very large trash bags will fold-up and fit into a back pocket, or the pocket of a backpack. Truth is, based on the amount of trash people were putting into the tent-turned-trash-bag, one good-sized yard-waste-type trash back would be all that one would need to carry around with oneself, plus one's regular tent (which would be no larger than, and likely smaller than, the Glad Tent when carried to the campsite); and said regular tent could be used over, and over, and over, and over.

Then there's the Glad Tent's (lack of) breathability... air flow (or lack thereof) through it.

Yeah... no... I don't THINK so. Couldn't be less interested.

That said, if it'll get young folks to clean-up after themselves, then what the heck.

Gregg DesElms

This is a cool concept. It would be a great temp/emergency shelter for a car and a concert etc. If they could make it with a flap to cover the entrance and some sort of "gills" for ventilation and still keep it cheap enough to use as a trash bag/throw a way solution would make it complete. I hope they do it! One upgrade I could think of would be to use TYVEX house wrap as the tent material. Again it would need a fly cover for the front and ventilation but it would be even stronger and have some insulative properties as well, and maybe still cheap enough to throw away after one use? Maybe. Throw in one of those mylar emergency blankets to the package and you have a real solution that would market well!

Rick Squier

Brilliant idea. I agree, the size of the bag would encourage others to fill up the bag with their trash as well. Festival organizers would have a lot less problem cleaning up afterward. They could make them in a second color so that only recyclables would be used in it…

Dennis Siple

I agree with Kwazai---this would be really cool if it could be made clear. Just think about camping in wilderness in a transparent tent.


Great idea! The next step is to color code the tents for recycling: Green for food waste and other organic matter, for composting. Red (or rust) for metal. Gray or white for paper. Yellow for plastic. Orange for electronics or glass. Blue for clothing, blankets, and other fabrics that can be cleaned and given to the needy, or recycled. Each camper is randomly given a different colored tent, and at the end of the event, makes an effort to collect the specific type of waste for the color of his tent. The trash bags are then collected for recycling according to their outside color.

Hagay Vider

Wow! That Glad tent is wonderful!!!! I love to have liked those and I bet my kids would love this so much! We really love camping, even just outside our house we install our tents and we play there with the kids. This Glad tent looks amazing and wonderful because it serves dual purpose. I wonder how much this cost?

Kimberly Hall

Where I live we have numerous homeless encampments. I see this given freely as shelter with an inducement to "carry out." Garbage bags are just not something the destitute normally invest in.


I love the idea for emergency shelter...just need a flap on the front and some vents on side so you can get air....my son is a boy scout and we are taught to be prepare.....

Tammy Blough

I think it is a really neat idea. It is a shame they did not make it. I think it would sell very well.

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