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Gizcast 2: Leonard Grigoryan demonstrates the Stereo Acoustic Guitar


June 5, 2009

Gizmag podcast episode 2 now available

Gizmag podcast episode 2 now available

Download the full episode as m4a (m4a is great, it contains chapters, links and images if your player supports them) or mp3 to put on your MP3 player.

You'll want your headphones for this week's podcast - episode 2 looks at the Stereo Acoustic Guitar, our first ride of the TTX01 electric superbike, stem cell contact lenses that offer a cure for certain types of blindness, Microsoft's full-body motion capture controller system for the XBOX 360, and loads more. Features Loz Blain and Geoffrey Baird.

Or listen right here:

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Further reading on the topics covered in this week's podcast (in the order they're mentioned):

Feature articles:

Leonard Grigoryan tests the Stereo Acoustic Guitar.

Gizmag's first ride on the TTX01 electric superbike.

Stem cell contact lenses cure blindness.

Microsoft's Project Natal - a full body motion capture and controller system for the XBOX 360.

Geoffrey Baird's Australian Design Awards wrap-up:

The Switch commuter folding bike.

Fold-up electric scooters as a public transport solution.

The Boomer mobility aid that helps the elderly climb stairs.

UGO wireless brake system for prams and strollers.

Quick article round-up:

Virgin Galactic tests its Nitro hybrid rocket engine.

Toyota's Formula One team selling used F1 car bits as souvenirs.

Falx Air's hybrid, coaxial unmanned helicopter.

Samsung's Pixon12 mobile phone with 12 megapixel camera and touch screen.

The SkyBike flying motorcycle concept

Larry Neal's Super Sky Cycle - flying motorcycle that's road-registerable and available now.

About the Author
Loz Blain Loz loves motorcycles - at the age of two, he told his mother "don't want brother, want mogabike." It was the biker connection that first brought Loz to Gizmag, but since then he's covered everything from alternative energy and weapons to medicine, marital aids - and of course, motorcycles. Loz also produces a number of video pieces for Gizmag, including his beloved bike reviews. He frequently disappears for weeks at a time to go touring with his vocal band Suade.   All articles by Loz Blain
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Good podcasts so far, but can you at least give us a rss feed url for these to auto download?

Maybe one url for the mp3, another for the ma4? Certainly a nice addition to the site.

5th June, 2009 @ 02:44 pm PDT
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