Gizmag is seeking writers with a serious passion for new technology to join our editorial team. Specifically, at this moment, we're looking for those who can offer expertise in one or more of the following areas: electronics and consumer electronics of all kinds, telecommunications, mobile telephony and lifestyle, home entertainment, home automation, digital photography and video, and personal computing.

Further jobs will open up in other areas shortly, but several people with high-end knowledge in one or more of the above areas is what we're seeking right now.

Applicants need to be able to able to recognize significant developments in their chosen field, initiate stories, be self-motivated, able to work autonomously and be capable of delivering high-quality, authoritative original content in a fast paced online team environment.

The ability to write well is essential. Previous professional writing and/or editing experience is an advantage, though not absolutely essential. If you have high level knowledge or perspective on an important subject, but haven't written before, there may be still room for you on the team. Editorial coaching is possible for the right high-level people.

The position is entirely on-line, which means that you can do it from anywhere on Planet Earth, though if you're already on the ground in a hotbed of relevant activity (Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, London, Berlin, etc), or intend to travel to one or more of the major relevant exhibitions, shows or symposiums anyway, and can generate your own news stories, with images, you'll also have an advantage. If you shoot and edit video on top of that, it'll be another advantage. But if you can't write with knowledge and authority, you aren't the person for the job, so please don't apply.

Expertise and high level knowledge in your chosen area is critically important. If you aren't already keeping up to date with all advancements in your chosen field using the array of media sources at your disposal (e.g. email subscriptions, blogs, newsreaders, social networks, mainstream media, ad infinitum), you probably aren't the right person either.

Though we're only hiring right now in the above-mentioned areas, we will soon need additional writers across other areas of Gizmag, so feel free to to fill out the form so you can be considered as jobs become available in your fields of expertise. Please fill it all out cleanly as per the instructions because, last time we made an offer such as this, we got 500 applicants in a short time and those who didn't fill the form out properly could not be considered.

If you're good, you'll be well remunerated. The position is scalable in terms of hours, but the cream of the crop will be offered further responsibilities, with the best of that lot being offered full-time positions within the company. If you can do what's necessary, you'll be rewarded appropriately and given plenty of opportunity to grow with the company.

You are welcome to attach a resume, but your 500 words is your best chance to get our attention.

You'll also be asked to signal your availability in hours per week.

You'll also have the opportunity to suggest three articles you'd like to write for Gizmag. Check to see the articles haven't been written before using the search engine on the front page of Gizmag. If your story synopsis sounds good, the chances are we'll give you a try with one of your articles. The first three stories will be paid for if published at a flat $25 per story rate. After that, we'll be paying you what you are worth. Those who don't get their story published won't get paid. If you have images available to illustrate your stories, it will greatly increase the chances of the article being published.

If you get a story assigned to you, be it one of your suggested topics or a story we assign and brief you on, you'll also get a style guide. It's a basic set of rules for how we do things, punctuation, grammar, and so on, and your ability to work with us will be partially judged on your ability to write to "our style."

We retain the right to edit your work, and almost certainly will, and you'll get feedback as you go to help you fit into the team and our methodology.

Interested? Fill in the APPLICATION FORM.