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Gizcast #11: bone conduction hearing implants, targeted chemotherapy and the electric car stampede that's storming Frankfurt


September 17, 2009

Subscribe to the Gizcast through iTunes.

Subscribe to the Gizcast through iTunes.

In this week's Gizcast, Geoffrey Baird speaks with audiologist Anthea Arkcoll about a new type of hearing aid that bypasses the ear altogether and uses bone conduction technology to send a direct signal to the auditory nerve. Then Loz Blain wraps up with some of the most interesting electric and green car concepts the Giz team are drooling over in Frankfurt, and a quick look at a medical device that could give doctors a new way to fight stubborn cancer tumours.

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Further reading on the topics covered in this week's podcast (in the order they're mentioned):

Lead Story: This week's lead story, on Cochlear's bone conduction hearing assistance implants, hasn't been published yet. We'll get it online within a few days!

Electric and green cars from the Frankfurt IAA motor show

And Finally:

The other podcasts Loz recommended were Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, This American Life, by Chicago Public Radio and The Moth Podcast - true stories told live on stage. Of course there's plenty more - so let us know what you're listening to in the comments below!

About the Author
Loz Blain Loz has been one of Gizmag's most versatile contributors since 2007. Joining the team as a motorcycle specialist, he has since covered everything from medical and military technology to aeronautics, music gear and historical artefacts. Since 2010 he's branched out into photography, video and audio production, and he remains the only Gizmag contributor willing to put his name to a sex toy review. A singer by night, he's often on the road with his a cappella band Suade. All articles by Loz Blain
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