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World's most famous traffic outlaw giving away his 499-horsepower turbo motorcycle


January 4, 2012

Ghost Rider's 500-horsepower turbo Hayabusa - up for grabs

Ghost Rider's 500-horsepower turbo Hayabusa - up for grabs

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Of all the colorful characters in the motorcycle world, few polarize opinion as strongly as Sweden's mysterious "Ghost Rider." It's not hard to see why - with five DVDs full of heinous traffic law violations, including 300 km/h (180 mph) wheelies, police baiting and near-suicidal top speed time trials around the Swedish freeway system, he's probably the most famous flaunter of road rules the world has ever seen. And now, his most famous steed, a 499-horsepower turbocharged, naked Hayabusa, is being given away through a website lottery. Only ridden to church on Sundays, it's the perfect practical getabout to take down to the shops.

A little background for the uninitiated: Ghost Rider (widely believed, but never legally proven to be Swedish Wheelie Team member Patrik Furstenhoff, or possibly an amalgam of Patrik and his friends) is an ex-racer, stunt rider and generally rather handy chap behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

He shot to Internet fame back in 2002 with the release of Ghost Rider: The Final Ride - a DVD video featuring an anonymous rider, clad in black leathers, black helmet and a dark visor, pushing a black GSX-R1000 to top speeds of around 300 km/h on public highways around Uppsala, Sweden. The images of this maniac weaving between traffic and almost magically avoiding lane changing cars and trucks that could never possibly have seen him coming were an instant sensation, for better or worse.

To some, he signified the pinnacle of skill and sheer cojones, an ethereal figure flashing through the grey mass of law-abiding commuters, flipping the bird at traffic police and leading them on high-speed chases until either he tired of the game or the helicopters came out, at which point he'd stop hanging around, hit the gas and vanish.

Of course, to the vast majority of people he was viewed as the worst kind of road menace - the kind with the genuine potential to cause serious harm to others and not just himself. To people looking to demonize the motorcycling community at large, he was a symbol of every reason why these damned deathtraps should be banned from public roads. As a result, the majority of the riding fraternity hate him for the way his actions reflect on bikers in general, while perhaps just being a tiny bit impressed.

But there's no questioning his skill or bravery - even in the legal world, Furstenhoff holds the official world record for high speed wheelstands, hitting a blistering top speed of 215 mph (346 km/h) on the back wheel. Anyone who's taken a sportsbike on a racetrack knows how powerful a force air resistance can be as you approach 180 mph (300 km/h) - the idea of raising the front wheel at those speeds is frankly terrifying. The air itself would be like a brick wall - you'd be hanging onto the bars for dear life, let alone trying to deal with that force getting under the bike and trying to flip it over backwards.

There's also no questioning the credentials of his machinery. The Suzuki Hayabusa was not only the fastest bike ever produced, with early models able to hit 200 mph (320 km/h) before they were reined back in to a governed top speed of 180 mph (300 km/h) in subsequent years - it was also massively over-engineered to make it a tuner's delight.

With relatively few modifications to strengthen engine internals, you could turbocharge a 'Busa engine and draw very serious power out of it - and that's what Ghost Rider did to build his most famous ride - the 499-horsepower, naked Hayabusa turbo in the photos here.

You can see the bike in full flight by searching "Ghost Rider BusaTurbo" on YouTube - we're a respectable publication, we won't link to such shenanigans here, but you can see the bike in question, painted flouro yellow, pulling ultra high-speed wheelies down a runway and then doing similar stunts on the highway.

And now he's giving it away, in a lottery through the official Ghost Rider website. I've already put in my entry - I need something practical to commute on. I wonder if I can fit a luggage rack on it?

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Crasy Bike, insane biker, nice article!

Marius Gruita


Tim Pattinson

I have seen this idiots videos, and seeing him ride his bike through city streets and suburban areas, and in traffic at 200 to 300Kmh, running red lights etc, having so many near misses, putting so many innocent lives in danger - I tell you what, I\'d like to get hold of him and break his n... help him see the error of his ways.

I am really sorry the cops were not able to kill him outright in a chase, when they tried to block his escape.

He would have made a good hood ornament.

He is an idiot and a dangerous one.

Mr Stiffy

LOL - so poetic - breaks all the laws to make movies, then gives away his bike in protest to viewers breaking laws by downloading his movie for free.


I know EMTs, they call them donorcycles, this clown is a organ donor waiting for the place to happen, hope he does not take normal people with him when it happens

Bill Bennett

You all sound like a fun bunch of people.

I don\'t condone breaking the law or putting other peoples lives at risk, which is why I choose to take it to the race track, but wishing death on someone or calling those of who like to ride fast bikes donors, shows the depth of your character, and the level at which you understand anything. I also hate to inform you, that risk takers are the people that move society forward. If it weren\'t for people like us who were willing to take risks and do things you might not (probably never will) understand, you would all still be living in caves banging sticks together.

Have a lovely day all you pleasant, fun-loving individuals. LOL



There is a genuine difference between \"skill\" and being someone who like ghost rider, who is a dangerous immature idiot.

It\'s like going around a corner, say signposed at 75Kmh. Guaranteed that even in heavy rain, at 75Kmh with good tyres, I can cruise around that no problem. Assuming on a motorbike - the limits of adhesion of the tyres dictate that the bike will hold firmly at say 120Kmh, beyond that the tyres start to skid, and the skid can be managed up to 130kmh, and then the bike goes into a slide.

The problem is at 120Kmh and beyond, there are NO margins for error.

It\'s the same as travelling at 100Kmh on a highway, then one comes toward a intersection where the other people have stop signs.

Assuming the other people in a car, do not see you on the motorbike, and they only slow down a bit for the stop sign and come through the intersection - this is how to work this out.

100Kmh = 100,000 meters per hour then divide by 3600 (60 minutes and divided by 60 seconds) = 27 meters per second (about 85 feet).

Now the reaction time is say 0.3 seconds from seeing the car run the stop sign to applying the brakes which take about 0.3 seconds, and then add in the distance to stop - say 20 meters (~65 feet). So your bike covers 1/3 of a second x 27 meters per second (8 meters) + 1/3 of a second x 27 meters per second (8 meters) + 20 meters - that makes a total stopping distance of 36 meters.

And you come to a stop say 10 meters from the car.

At 300Kmh or 300,000 meters per hour / 3600 = 84 meters a second.

In the exact same situation at 300Kmh, from seeing the car run the stop sign to applying the brakes which take about 0.3 seconds, and then add in the distance to stop - say 60 meters (~200 feet). So your bike covers 1/3 of a second x 84 meters per second (25 meters) + 1/3 of a second x 84 meters per second (25 meters) + 60 meters stopping distance - that makes a total stopping distance of 110 meters (~350 feet).

In the same situation, when that car runs the stop sign, at 300Kmh you have not even had time to hit the brakes - and everyone inside that car is dead.

He is no genius rider, because he basically puts himself into a position where he cannot get out of without killing himself (yay!!!) or others (boo!!!), and his expert riding - that is nothing more than a lot of near misses.

One of the things I picked up was, \"There are old riders and there are bold riders but there are no old bold riders\", and he is getting through most of the near misses by the hair on his arse.

I have seen most of his videos and seeing him go through a inner city office area at 200+ Kmh and running red lights at 4 am - and what happens to the poor bastard going to work at that time - so he can feed his family and keep a roof over their heads - just driving along with the green light and this idiot puts a hole through him and his car?

Their dad is dead because of some idiot who has no brains, who gets his jollies by baiting the cops while endangering other peoples lives in the process.

Ghost Rider is the sort of person who inspires sensible people to string fencing wire across the roads to kill people like him, because he is so dangerous to innocent people.

I don\'t blame them either - because Ghost Rider is an idot and he is a dangerous idiot.

Ghost Rider makes people HATE motorcyclists, and people in cars who hate motorcyclists, do bad things to people who ride motorcycles. In legal jargon it\'s called \"Inciting\".

Mr Stiffy

With that much power output during his stunts I\'m surprised he didn\'t run out of fuel while police were giving pursuit. I agree that he isn\'t helping anyone with his stunts. Arrest should be not too much of a challenge for a real police force either by the above stated reason or by him trying to collect on his lottery. It would seem as if the police are not really interesting in arresting him. How does one evade aerial pursuit? Surely he brags about his exploits to someone, right? with enough cash reward, someone will come forward. Maybe he has to kill a child first. Just goes to show that skill and intelligence do not necessarily go together. Too bad he doesn\'t just race Pro. or maybe he does.


@ gizmaniac; There\'s a line between taking risks in exploring new frontiers and taking risks that may well end the lives of people not even being asked to participate in whatever high-risk game someone want to play. Ghost Rider crossed that line again and again. Much as I admire his skills beind the handlebar, the picture of him and his bike hitting a car (with - say - a family with kids) going 200 kph slower than him was all too realistic.

Those of us wishing he\'d been caught early on do not oppose taking risks (otherwise none of us would be riding motorcycles in the first place.) If he had only risked his own life, no one would have raised hell about his exploits.

Kim Scholer

I think hes a genius. Fact: He hasnt killed anyone. Hes a far better rider than many bikers on the planet. He has faster reaction times than most and therefore is able to pull off the kind of stunts that he does. If you havent seen any of his Uppsala freeway missions, I suggest you do. Sure its highly illegal etc but hes not an idiot, more of a highly skilled biker who happens to enjoy taking taking chances and is skilled enough to get away with it. Ghost Rider, whoever you are, shot for the awesome footage mate. You`re a true entertainer.


Apollo19: He isn\'t a superhuman. And humans used to make mistakes. Even extremely skilled ones. He has no right to endanger others just to chase his own egoistic wishes to be famous. His luck will not last forever...

Iván Imhof

There\'s no denying this bloke has skills. Bravo GR

Terry Penrose

Here in Dallas a few weeks ago, there was a pack of about 12 donorcycles riding like idiots on the tollway. Two of them crashed into a guy out cruising on his Harley, killing all three. What did the other 10 asshats do? Rode off.


Mr Stiffy you are most certainly correct. However I have enjoyed watching the antics of GR. they are very calculated actions. I have seen worse, men riding tractors(also known as Harleys) riding the centre line passing vehicles with oncoming traffic. wide bars , more bone than meat between the ears. sure they are not doing even 200km or 160 but all it takes is for some nosey dog to poke his head out to see what the noise is. and the rider goes under the truck trailor he\'s passing and the poor mutt is knocked out by the handle bar. took the coroner a few weeks to figure that one out.

there is also some romantic idea that in most policed nanny states someone is experiencing freedom. some can travell and recockulous speeds and do it well. some are temporary citizens, and kill others and the dramatic consequences.

I vote for selfdetermination and freedom. and yes i\'m in the lottery! Viva GR Brutus


Ghost Rider is a Hero Through his riding he expresses many of the thoughts and emotions of those of us who are fed up with the socialist , cradle to grave , big brother knows best society that we are forced to endure. Yes what is does is not within the law, but there is a difference between right and wrong and legal and illegal. I know that he puts Innocent people at risk but I cannot condemn him I can only admire.


@ mr. stiffy

\"Ghost Rider is the sort of person who inspires sensible people to string fencing wire across the roads to kill people like him\"

and you say this in the same breath as \'endangering innocent road users\'?

what\'s to stop this fencing wire from killing innocent bikers, or causing innocent cars to crash?

Arto Funken

The lemmings have all identified themselves, it appears. It\'s always funny to see people try to justify the stupid laws they follow. If it\'s so dangerous to go fast, then why isn\'t Ghost Rider dead already? Well, I\'ll tell ya...because he doesn\'t do anything dangerous or irrational. He\'s actually quite courteous from what I\'ve seen, until the cops are less than 10 seconds or so behind, and even then...

I love this guy\'s spirit. Long live Ghost Rider! Long live the individual, the enemy of the timid, the scared, and the politician!

We\'re not all followers, you see, but hey, we need you folks, too. Somebody has to fall for all the advertising and buy all the junk we produce. Keep up the good work.


"Assuming on a motorbike - the limits of adhesion of the tyres dictate that the bike will hold firmly at say 120Kmh, beyond that the tyres start to skid, and the skid can be managed up to 130kmh, and then the bike goes into a slide."

You've completely pulled that out of your ass.

Watch MotoGP, they go through corners at speeds of 120mph - 160mph, on the straights they reach upto 200mph and above. They use racing slick tyres not road tyres which offer much less grip, you probably don't know the difference between them though.

None of your school grade math takes into account braking force, engine braking, wind resistance, weight, or surface resistance. You assume for some reason the distance to stop is 20 meters.. why not 50 meters or 100?

You don't just zap on the brakes either on a bike unless you want to go over the handlebars.

You call him an idiot yet he's built one of the fastest bikes in the world and broken a ton of world records, he's clearly a professional who knows what he's doing.

Yes he takes risks, the world is full of risks. Planes crash, countries go to war, and (stuff) happens. Is he endangering people tremendously by what he's doing? In my opinion considering this past year I've seen police thumping people over the head with a baton, talking on phones in their cars, and all matter of other abusive stuff, I don't think Ghost Rider is something I should greatly concern myself with, nor do I think it's a massive injustice that he isn't punished.


well he ride bike for sure ,,but i hope he dont kill some one ,,,seems to me ,,he out show off ,,some what ,he has skills to ride ,fast ,but just take secon to kill some one he have to live with that rest of his life,,,,dude go race on salts in usa u go fast no one will care ,,well some break some records ,cool ,,,the give that bike away to some one never ride it ,agian,,i hope ,,,

Stacy Buchkowsky

I love this guy, he proves a point that the laws are ridiculous and set just fast enough to kill you yet too slow to keep you awake. This biker proves a point, the police cannot enforce all the laws that have been created and if its not a easy ticket they normally don't bother.

Whatcha Gonna Do

I thought he died already? As a motorcyclist, I have to deal with people who barely know how to drive and try to kill me with their cars everyday. Blindly doing stupid lawless actions because they feel all safe and cosy in their tin boxes. Plus the Police who target me for what ever reason. Sod them all. Hey, why do they make bikes and cars which go 300 clicks anyway? Its a joke. 320 was to much huh? Half of this guys skills please. Plus I WANT THAT BIKE! :P Anyway jokes on you because I am not signed up to donate!

captain caveman

Take all the risks you want - I wish we were freer to take more of them as we deteriorate toward the \"nanny state\". But this guy GIVES risks - gives risks to other people, without asking their permission or even informing them. Seizing this control over other people\'s lives, even for very short periods of time, really doesn\'t jive with libertarian ideals. When he can take wild and exciting risks without giving them to other people, I\'ll be happier. (Don\'t get me started on smoking...)


i Can\'t believe all the STUPID EFFING PEOPLE!!! (as I once was) I\'ve ridden since I was a kid... I\'m 57. i HAVE RIDDEN 150.000 TO 200,000 miles ON A BIKE and probably 3-5 times that on four wheels...I have crashed dozens of times and been hospitalised half a dozen times. Many times due to stupidity and intoxicants. (Feb 2012-12 yrs since a drink!!) THE WORST I\'VE BEEN HURT WAS SOBER, RIDING LEGALLY AND MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS.

It is an EFFING MIRACLE, this criminal hasn\'t killed himself or anyone else. I CAN ALSO SAY THE SAME ABOUT MYSELF!

THERE ARE TOO MANY FACTORS-TOO MANY THAT ARE UNCONTROLLABLE, TO MAKE THIS BEHAVIOR SAFE EVEN WITH THE MOST SKILLED RIDER. No one ever gets hurt on a racetrack????? or killed on a racetrack??? Now Einsteins, throw in a zillion motorists with varying degrees of skill, attention, and attitudes towards driving, WTF are you left with??? AN EVENTUAL RECIPE FOR DISASTER! How many jackasses a DAY, kill themselves stupidly and needlessly on motorcycles???? How many victims do they take with them, who didn\'t want any part of the experience???? How many fools watched these videos, tried to copy them, then killed or maimed themselves or others?? Did you think of that Bright Boy?

To the twelve year olds that think this is how progress is made, how science and technology is advanced and how the world is made a better place by this kind of behavior: maturity is when your reasoning and cognitive processes work in harmony with reality!!! \'Nuff said! A (somewhat) ex-idiot who has changed his ways


I have been a huge fan of ghost rider for many years since back in the day wish I can get that bike its my dream to have a bike like that.Thanks for all the video over the years ghost keep them watching.All the negatives above your just haters and jealous your not skilled riders. live in the streets and the highways boooop boooop its the sound of the beast catch me if ya can

Charisse Faldetta

Ghost rider and all their imitations are the collective feeling from the father of all. Le Prince Noir..... This year would know his identity as he told as 23 years ago. All of those dont know Le prince Noir check their insane videos riding sunday morning in Paris.


Your all just upset that you don't have the guts to do what he does, If you had a motorcycle an had half the chance you would open it up just to see what it could do. An there was a Guy name Turbo Rider who Died, But he still lives on in Turbo rider 2, there will always be people who like to push the Limit, an if he has the skill to do it let him be, an just Enjoy his Vids

Bobby Winn

I can appreciate his skill, but also have to note that in the few of his videos that I have seen, there are only views from his perspective- you can't see what mayhem has occurred behind him.

So I would disagree with Apollo19 that it's a fact he hasn't killed anyone.... It's only a fact that it didn't appear in his videos. It seems implausible that his "missions" have never caused an accident.

As a rider I love the type of freedom and individuality that you can get from riding a motorcycle. But as a dad, I'd strangle the guy if he harmed my family as a result of his antics.

Joel Landau

I love fast rides , Ive owned some in the past , and they can be fun . But what this urk-some driver or others do pulling wheelies at hwy speed's while endangering other drivers lives does not urk me because of what he's doing , but rather what he's doing potentially to others . Let me explain . Last summer hot summer day my family 7of us were on our way to the beach , as we do several times a year in our lumbersome suv a biker not pleased with our speed decides to pass us as slow as we were going 120kmhr not exactly a boat anchor , two lane road in the face of oncoming traffic decides to pass , not normally mind you but on one wheel at speeds well in excess of150km at full throttle you can hear the wide open scream as the vacum races in air in the butterfly valves wide open . Normally this would not bother me for several reasons but today I had my kids with me , and if buy chance would have hit a patch of left over gravel on the road of this freshly paved hwy it would have been lites out for him . This would not bother me a bit but if he would have lost control just as he passed me and ended under my front wheels ,just as he passed me how would I explain it to my kids all under 10 at the time , and think even worse if he didn't die but was writhing in pain, waiting for an amblulance, as the only safety gear this guy was wearing was a pair of gloves and speedo's .The worst part of this story ITS TRUE, all except the under the wheels of my SUV , because I saw potential hazard and braked firmly as soon as he was passing me , he did avoid going under permanently but just barely. "The moral of this story we can't stop people from doing stupid things. but we can slow down and let them pass, not speed up ,as most do ,the life you save might be your own" I saw a neat sign one day it said "WHAT IF THE OTHER GUY MAKES A MISTAKE ? "

John Henry

Yeah...what he does is dangerous, so what? He's a highly trained professional whose skills have been proven beyond call.

What about all the ridiculous police chases for some stupid minor offense that end up in innocent people being hurt or killed?

Great men with great talents often take great liberties.

Len Treeman

I doubt that the Hayabusa develops 499 HP. One horsepower is defined as lifting 550 pounds one foot verticle in one second. So that means the Hayabusa engine would lift 499 HP X 550lbs.-ft/second =274,450pounds one foot in one second. Do you think the Hayabusa can lift over 1/4 million pounds one foot in one second? I don't think so!!!

Biker Dude

wow.. just surfing the internet checking out the things in this country that are still exciting instead of the stupid bull the media pushes on us, when i find all this disrespect, to a man that frankly has more gall than all of you put together! i don't think his actions has any negative effect on the motorcycle world at all matter of fact i think he's vastly broadened the area of possibility to us.

Also how the hell has he put anyone's life endanger but his own hes on a Motorcycle for petes sake!! for the people in cars, if your scared of a bike hitting you when your encased in well more than a ton of steel.... you need to grow a pair. and to Mr.Stiffy, that little comment you added that says people in cars who hate motorcyclists, do bad things to people who ride motorcycles. your the reason why i carry a pistol when i ride. because its people like you that dont respect that thats a living being no less than you, you see the way that i feel is if someone pulls out in front of me, i see it as attempted murder. and if i dont manage swerve away and miss them i cant just shrug it off and go about my way, they will get the same kind of treatment as i just recieved.

Preston Kasparek

So many argue that he is putting so many others in danger. While this might be true, anyone getting in any motor vehicle and driving on the roads is putting themselves and others at risk of a potential occurrence. I'd like to point out that he is retired and never hurt anyone. Despite his stunts and road racing at non-legal speeds his record still stands at 100%. I'd prefer him on the road than a teenager who pumps their music too loud or grandma who shouldn't be driving cuz she can't see anymore or even a regular driver with no professional driving experience. Just because you can't comprehend the level of excellence this person achieved, don't hate. Of course their are idiots out there who try to copy him but they should be held accountable for their actions not his. I mean no one seems to get upset at the companies who cater to the whole culture of underground racing. Even all of the manufactures of all sport bikes could be held accountable for building machines that exceed road laws. How about making all road vehicles incapable of going faster than posted speed limits. In a perfect world, i guess there would be no speeding and we would all drive like there is a cop behind us-BORING. Thank goodness we don't. I applaud him, and hope he doesn't t-bone me at an intersection.

Joshua Suttle

Who cares if he crashes!! It's fun to watch. You either sit your fat butt on a couch or bike or in a car or wherever you choose. When my butts on a bike most traffic laws don't apply. DO WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT AND IF YOU DIE THEN YOU'RE DEAD AND WHO CARES!


It would be more fun to watch if he was some hot-headed jack-a$$ with no clue of the consequences... like mentioned above, some people persuade themselves to attempt unreasonable stunts without proper thought and preparation. GR installed various mini cameras (way before gopro was an option) on a bike where even the most hardcore stunters would think twice before mounting... Proof that he knows what he's doing, how he prepares his rides, organizes his 'stunts', and IS or IS NOT down wit' da Polce... everything is calculated. As an avid motorcycle rider and extreme sportster, it's virtually impossible to T-bone a car at those speeds... especially on a freeway and as John Henry stated above; "WHAT IF THE OTHER GUY MAKES A MISTAKE ? " ...anyone who uses public roads should be aware of this, and thus should NEVER drive any road-going machine without considering the risks taken or inflicted by or upon others. On a bike, we are exposed to so much more damage than most drivers (except those smaller than us, i.e. bicycles, skateboards, pedestrians...) so i doubt a T-bone at 180-200km/h would really cause more harm to a family in a familywagon with 286 airbags... than a maniac surfing his last wave at Teahupoo (R.I.P. all 'o dem). Respect to GR and BigUp for 'waking' up the other people on the road... 'cuz i'd love to see him in my mirror and feel the air move when he wheelies past at 300+km/h. If you're scared 'cuz you slid out onna big twin after a couple drinks to discover roadrash, invest in airbags and cameras... but if you can handle adrenaline and take advantage of it to push your limits, use it! N.B. he was already setup and organized before mini cams were available. So who's the fool, the fool or the fool who follows? ((i wonder if he tried the TT (Isle of Man), and if so what his time was...) I learned a lot watching his videos and would like to believe his approach to traffic could make others realize to which extent roads and road-going vehicles are dangerous. Sk8 or Die!


"Watch MotoGP, they go through corners at speeds of 120mph - 160mph, on the straights they reach upto 200mph and above. They use racing slick tyres not road tyres which offer much less grip, you probably don't know the difference between them though. "

lololol... you do know the grit on motogp tracks its 50x finer than the grit used on a road for much better grip and the tyres get hot fast so they grip better road tyres are ment to last 4k miles track tyre are done in a few hundred

Matthew Cornish

Mr Stiffy

I'm not saying Ghostrider isn't a danger to others. I'm just saying that you have no idea about what a motorcycle is, and I can tell that you haven't ever ridden a motorcycle. Tyres losing grip at 130kmph? Lol! Secondly, do you know how difficult it is to brake in a motorcycle? 300-0kmph in 60meters? Seriously? The BMW S1000RR takes at least 35m to do 100kmph-0kmph. In what universe can a motorcycle do 300-0kmph in 60 meters? Man! If you think he's dangerous, just say he's dangerous.

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