Get 92% off The Elite Android Hacker Bundle (US$39)

Programming has always been a highly rewarding skill. But the ease with which apps can now be published only serves to make development even more attractive. While iOS is the obvious route, Play Store actually offers more users and fewer restrictions. Tempted? This bundle of courses should get you up to speed, and it has 92% off.

The 7 included courses provide a masterclass in Android programming, along with the more specialized skills (incl. Java, penetration testing) needed to create your own app, and in total, it's 52 hours of tuition. Just as importantly, they start with the very basics, with no previous knowledge required, and take you up to advanced techniques. Plus, all the courses come with unlimited access on Udemy — check out the link to grab the deal.

>> Get 92% off The Elite Android Hacker Bundle (US$39)

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