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German lakeside resort features a collection of floating homes


March 22, 2012

The Lausitz Geierswald Resort features a village consisting of modular floating homes

The Lausitz Geierswald Resort features a village consisting of modular floating homes

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Within the Lusatian Lake District in Germany, lies the unique Lausitz Geierswald Resort with its collection of floating residences. Designed by the German architectural firm Steeltec37, the floating village includes a collection of modular buildings designed to offer sustainable living and lakeside luxury.

The aesthetic of the Module House Arks (or floating homes) is modern in spirit, resembling the form of a sail, while giving rise to the practicalities of a waterfront lifestyle. The contemporary modular homes feature a light-weight metal frame base-structure that rests on top of an "unsinkable" pontoon, which forms the base of the home.

The floating guest-houses at the Lausitz Geierswald Resort offer a home on two decks, spanning over 97 square meters (1,044 sq. ft.). The lower deck features an open and modern dining area, kitchen and bathroom, while the second deck accommodates a living space, sleeping quarters and a furnished sun deck that sits 7 meters (23 feet) above the water.

A series of innovative and self-sustaining systems have been included in the structural design, including photovoltaic roof sheeting, a solar-thermal energy system, a radiant ceiling cooling system, slat blinds in front of every window for shade, large window panels layered with photovoltaic film, a steel frame connected to a hydrothermal heating and cooling system, radiant floor heating, and a controlled ventilation unit. Fresh water reservoirs are found in the basement along with a grey water reservoir, 300-liter (79.25-gallon) hot water tank, and a water purification unit. In addition, an automated roof-light control system allows natural light to filter through the home, which can also be closed to prevent the building from overheating in the warmer months.

The Lausitz Geierswald Resort is located in the heart of the Lusatian Lake District, which is made up of 21 artificial lakes. The resort hosts an array of activities such as wind surfing, sailing, horseback-riding, biking, and hiking. A week in a floating home at Lausitz Resort will set you back €90 (US$120) per night in the low season or €170 (US$225) per night during the summer.

Sources: Steeltec37, Lausitz Geierswald Resort via Inhabitat

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Build in Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes-natural ones! These buildings and this technology are beautiful.

Carlos Grados

How about sewage disposal?.

Sinnadurai Sripadmanaban

For Sewage you could go one of 4 routes. If it it close to land, regular gravity fed sewer line. Install a lift station, or a holding tank that would have to be cleaned out by a special suction boat. Your own sewage mini treatment plant.

Water would have to be piped in, delivered or you could install your own water treatment plant.

The best thing I thought about was that you could live on the water and not pay any property tax.

Larry Hoffman

No price tag but if one owns beautiful lake front footage,no bother to ask. This from a country that only 20% own their homes. The "roof" could be easily be used for solar. If ever got popular they would figure out how to tax it. "Unsinkable"-where did we hear that before?

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