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Genius wireless Ring Mouse released


May 16, 2011

Genius has released a wireless ring mouse with 1000 dpi thumb-controlled sensor for scrolling and pointing, and two click buttons.

Genius has released a wireless ring mouse with 1000 dpi thumb-controlled sensor for scrolling and pointing, and two click buttons.

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Genius has announced the release of its Wireless Thumb Cursor Controller, or ring mouse for short. The clicking and scrolling action of the lightweight mouse replacement is thumb-controlled, its proprietary optical touch technology offers users 1000 dpi sensitivity and it's said to last a month between charges.

The 1.15 x 1.32 x 1.25-inch (29.3 x 33.7 x 32 mm), 0.42 ounce (12 g) Ring Mouse has 2.4GHz wireless connectivity with a range of around 30 feet (10 meters), and links to a USB nano/pico receiver slotted into a spare port on a Windows-based computer or laptop. Worn on the index finger, left and right click and optical touch control tracking technology are set around the top for thumb control of an onscreen cursor.

Although its primary use is likely to be controlling a projected presentation or photo slideshow, it should also prove useful as a travel laptop mouse, for those who regularly find themselves having to work in cramped conditions, or for those who just don't like to use a trackpad. The tracking sensitivity might also make it useful for mobile gamers.

I also remember coming across a similar product a few years ago that was issued to a user unable to operate a standard mouse due to rheumatic pain – with a thumb trackball on top, buttons for mouse click actions to the front and a trigger inside the ring. The new Ring Mouse from Genius would likely also satisfy such ergonomic requirements.

The IF award winning device comes with a USB battery charger for topping up its Li-ion battery, a hard carrying case and ioMedia software for web browsing, presentations, photo and video viewing. It's available for a suggested retail of US$69.99.

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Sensational new way to move around a screen and click action. This will be great for travel, giving presentations and moving around a TV screen.

Shawn Boike

I had a very similar mouse like this one about 3 years ago up to the point when I moved. Sadly It was lost somewhere and never found again. I\'m going to buy at least two of these babies!


Great for running Media Center on a Home Theater PC, and running DVD playback software from the couch...if the range stats are \"real-world\" distance (30 feet).

Matt Rings

Neat little product! But apart from doing well what its supposed to do, it might be a bit cumbersome if you also need to type along with mousing around.

Anindya Roy

How many ring mice have come and gone the past 20 years? The worst failures were the positional sensing types where the user had to hold a hand up in the air and wave it around. They were a recipe for quickly getting tired of holding your arm and hand up.

Gregg Eshelman

Why would the designers of this device go out of their way to design a device that won\'t work with Macs? If there is any device that can use industry standards, it\'s a mouse. They could have chosen Bluetooth instead of a proprietary transmitter that wastes a USB port.

Michael Pearce
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