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The Xbox 360 playing XviD video from a Mac formatted USB drive

The Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update arrived overnight, and added a long list of new functionality - although the one thing most people are interested in is the relatively unexpected arrival of DivX/XviD playback. We've spent the morning messing about with it to bring you the lowdown... because we figured your boss wouldn't call watching videos "work."  Read More

Samsung 6Gbps GDDR5

December 3, 2007 Samsung has developed a GDDR5 (series five, graphics double-data-rate memory) chip that can transfer data at six gigabits per second - more than four times faster than that of current game consoles. The new memory also operates on less power at 1.5 volts, an improvement of 20 percent on the GDDR3 graphics chip.  Read More

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

It's official - World War II games are dead. Infinity Ward has brought the iconic Call of Duty series into the 21st Century with a flash-bang, giving Tom Clancy a run for his money with an epic depiction of modern war. Read on for a full review of what the guys at our video game blog, The Gamer Gene are calling a hot contender for Game of the Year.  Read More

Play Big IN1 portable gaming projector

November 12, 2007 InFocus Corporation has released the Play Big IN1 Gaming projector, designed specifically for gaming consoles. The IN1 is designed as an all-in-one solution combining high-end audio, multiple inputs for connectivity to DVD players, cable and satellite boxes, a projected image of up to eight feet in size, plus a mirror that flips the image on the ceiling for a truly laid back gaming experience - all in a compact unit weighing less than 10 pounds.  Read More

Top Gear's James May and Richard Hammond

October 25, 2007 A collaboration between the BBC and the creators of Gran Turismo will see the Top Gear Test Track featured in the 5th edition of the popular racing game as well as providing downloads of the award-winning motoring program through Gran Turismo TV.  Read More

The Xbox 360 Arcade

Microsoft has officially announced another of their worst kept secrets - the Xbox 360 Arcade unit - some time after the units first appeared in stores across North America. The new entry-level bundle will replace the aging Xbox 360 Core bundle, and while it remains hard drive-less, it includes a much smaller Memory Unit - which isn't big enough for downloading high-definition TV episodes from the Xbox Live Video Marketplace, but will suffice to save your progress in games, and download new titles from the Xbox Live Arcade.  Read More

BioShock for the Xbox 360

While gamers and the gaming press continue to rave over what is almost undisputedly the most immersive first-person shooter experience yet, there's a reasonable chance that part of Gizmag's readership remain unconvinced, or even unaware of BioShock. Do you read science-fiction? Think first-person shooters all went downhill after Doom? Looking for a game that offers moral choices? Do yourself a favor and check out an in-depth review of BioShock for the Xbox 360 over at our game blog, The Gamer Gene.  Read More

Sony accelerates PS3 and PSP convergence with PVR and GPS accessories

August 23, 2007 In an ironic twist on the convergence theme, Sony has made some significant announcements at the Games Convention in Leipzig moving the PS3 and PSP towards becoming general entertainment and convenience platforms. Announcements included a TV Tuner and PVR software for PS3, a Video Download Service for PSP in conjunction with BSkyB, a voice chat, video chat and instant messaging service for PSP, and a satellite navigation accessory for PSP. On top of the recent release of the EUR50 Go!Cam which turns a PSP into a video and still camera, the “c” word (convergence) is very relevant.  Read More

RockBand: think Guitar Hero plus drums and vocals

August 24, 2007 There is no more exciting yet-to-be released video game than the upcoming music-based game, Rock Band. It’s day one at the Games Convention in Liepzig and we haven’t seen everything yet, but we can safely say it’s the release of the show. It has been previously seen at E3 but with ten new tracks announced and the news that a special version announced for the 50 million installed base of PS2s in Europe, the game looks set to smash sales records when it is released in the coming holiday season. Even if you’ve never looked at a game previously, Rock Band might well turn you into a rabid gaming enthusiast. It's like Guitar Hero, except it also delivers bass guitar, drums or vocals and combines the lot so you can play collectively as a group, which multiplies the fun several magnitudes. Gizmag’s gaming blog also managed to get its hands on the game at Liepzig and you can read those first impressions here.  Read More

Brain Age 2 for Nintendo DS

August 22, 2007 Nintendo has launched its second release in the burgeoning world of brain games in effort to attract non-gamers to pick up the controller. Brain games are designed as exercise for our grey matter based on the notion that our neural systems are constantly changing throughout life and that effective instruction can actually alter brain function.  Read More

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