You'll soon be able to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will receive backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, starting later this year. Owners of both physical and digital copies of last-generation console games will be able to play them on the current hardware, and there's no work required on the part of developers, meaning we'll likely see a whole lot of titles become compatible.Read More

FTC takes action against crowdfunding fraudster

Contributing to a crowdfunding campaign is inherently risky. Even when the intentions of those responsible for the projects are honorable, a project can easily fall over, potentially leaving contributors out of pocket. But in its first legal action against a crowdfunded project, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has gone after the project creator of a Kickstarter campaign who pocketed most of the money contributed by backers.Read More

Researchers cut the required bandwidth for graphics-intensive game streaming

The rise of cloud gaming services such as PlayStation Now may have ushered in a new era of convenience for blasting virtual aliens and monsters to smithereens, but on-demand play brings with it one huge unwanted drawback: the bandwidth required is astronomical. But researchers at Duke University and Microsoft Research think they have a solution that'll let gamers have their on-demand cake and eat it too. They have developed a tool called Kahawai (Hawaiian for stream), which splits the rendering calculations between your device and a remote server rather than offloading them all to the server.Read More

Google Play launches an "Enhanced Gameplay" collection highlighting haptic feedback games

Games on Android phones are about to add a new dimension of gameplay. A San Jose, CA company called Immersion has created a way to add a layer of touch to your favorite mobile games, making it feel as though you’re actually there. Through haptic feedback, the company can recreate the feeling of rain or a ball bouncing around on the screen, and even mimic how it feels to drive a car around the track.Read More

Grifta gamepad splits in two and changes size

If you've ever wished for a gamepad that conforms to your needs rather than forcing you to conform to its rigid shell then you'll appreciate the idea behind Grifta. It's a modular gamepad system that divorces the left and right units from each other and offers three interchangeable handle sizes. The three-piece Grifta's main selling point is backed by a keyboard mode for play with one grip plus a mouse as well as eight extra buttons on each of its two handgrips.Read More


Review: The New Nintendo 3DS XL has 3D you'll actually use

When we saw the glasses-free 3D of the original Nintendo 3DS back in 2011, we were suitably impressed, and then promptly disappointed when the effect kept breaking and left us suffering headaches. Now, Nintendo is back with the New Nintendo 3DS consoles which promise to fix that with super-steady 3D, while also offering a power upgrade and better controls. Gizmag recently spent a week with the XL version of the new portable console, to see if it's worthy of your gaming thumbs.Read More


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