What Nintendo's next-gen system needs to rival, maybe even surpass, the PS4 and Xbox One

It's been less than three years since the Wii U first arrived on shelves, but Nintendo is already gearing up for a new hardware release. Codenamed NX, the new system is rumored to be launching as soon as Q4 2016, but it's currently shrouded in mystery. What form might the system take – and can it successfully combine both home console and portable gaming into one machine?Read More

Seagate's new hard drive is built specifically for Xbox

If you're anything like us, you'll find yourself regularly having to delete games from your Xbox One's hard drive in order to make room for new titles. Seagate's latest product, known as the Game Drive, is designed to combat the issue, providing an extra 2 TB of space in a compact, purpose-built package.Read More

Prefer PC over console for first-person shooters? This PS4 controller could change that

While the PS4 and Xbox One might have raised the visual quality of console gaming, PC gaming enthusiasts would argue that the lack of keyboard and mouse input means that those systems will never be on a par with a gaming rig – especially when it comes to first-person shooters. Well, until now that is. The Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a new control solution from accessory-maker Hori, that aims to replicate classic PC gaming control on either the PlayStation 3 or 4.

Read More

Esports organizers to clamp down on performance-enhancing drug use

Its competitors might not be faced with the exhausting mountain climbs of the Tour de France or the rigors of Major League Baseball, but that doesn't mean professional video gaming is free from the grip of doping in sports. The world's largest esports organization ESL, which hosts a US$250,000 Counter-Strike tournament in Germany next month, is partnering with anti-doping authorities to clamp down on gamers resorting to performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to gain an edge.Read More

Why the Wii U still matters in 2015

The Wii U hasn't had the strongest couple of years. Hitting shelves a full year before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and offering an ambitious dual screen experience, there was some excitement building for the system back in 2012. Fast-forward to the present, though, and a drought of raw power and lack of third-party support have seen the console easily overtaken by its younger rivals. But is there finally enough quality content on the platform to make it a worthwhile purchase?Read More


Why the PS Vita still matters in 2015

The PS Vita never came close to fulfilling its massive potential, and with scant attention to the portable at this year's E3, it looks like Sony has all but given up on it as the system it was originally meant to be. But that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't still worth a look – as Sony has succeeded (with some asterisks attached) at reinventing the Vita as a modern streaming console.Read More


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