GameDock turns iPhone into a retro videogame console


July 5, 2012

The GameDock turns the iPhone into a home game console

The GameDock turns the iPhone into a home game console

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The GameDock is a new accessory in the works for iPhone and iPad that converts your mobile device into a retro game console, complete with controller support for two players and video output for big screen gameplay. The controller is similar to the original Nintendo Gamepad and features a single directional pad and two action buttons in a comfortable and well tested layout.

We've previously seen a retro game controller for iOS in the form of the iCade, but the GameDock looks to take the concept one step further by adding video output, making the experience feel that much more like a traditional home console. The GameDock is designed to support any title that works with iCade and run on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod packing iOS 4 or greater.

GameDock's creators Chris Jorgensen and Andi Greisel say they have successfully built and tested GameDock prototypes and are looking to raise funds for a production run through Kickstarter.

The creators of the GameDock are also planning a companion iOS application that will help players locate supported games.

Source: Kickstarter / GameDock

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Or you could pay nothing and just use an emulator...

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