G-POD: Your futuristic garden lounge or portable office has landed


June 1, 2012

G-POD is a futuristic looking portable unit that comes in four different options, designed to create a backyard lounge, dining room or office

G-POD is a futuristic looking portable unit that comes in four different options, designed to create a backyard lounge, dining room or office

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While the G-POD may resemble a cabin from the London Eye’s giant Ferris wheel, the prefabricated pod does come with some backyard benefits. The futuristic looking pod is a portable unit that comes in four different options, designed to create a backyard lounge, dining room or office. Created by the British garden specialists, Ornate Garden in Birmingham, U.K., the G-POD series features rotating or fixed spheres that create a practical outdoor living addition.

At the top of the range, the Deluxe Summerhouse is 10 feet (3 meters) in diameter and features a curved wooden frame, stainless steel roof and tinted UV protected polycarbonate windows. The interior comes equipped with two fixed sofas that seat up to ten guests or the unit can be personally customized to create an office, studio or outdoor retreat. The pod also comes with the option of adding a 20 watt solar panel and a 12 volt charging system into the design.

The large Diner pod utilizes the same frame as the Summerhouse but comes equipped with a full-size dining table that accommodates up to 14 guests. The Dining option provides a sheltered outdoor entertaining unit that is protected from the elements and can be used anytime throughout the year.

On a slightly smaller scale, the Rotating Lounger has a diameter of 7.5 feet (2.3 meters) and can adapt to being used as a dining pod, lounge, study or even a camping area. This unit can also rotate to change the entry point or to protect users from the sun and wind. The pod is constructed using aluminum, stainless steel and pressure treated Norwegian spruce laminates, UV protected polycarbonate tinted windows and a waterproof interior that’s suitable for poolside lounging.

Positioned above and below each window are mirror polished stainless steel louvers which help reflect the heat, keeping the interior space cooler during the warmer months. The interior comes fitted with curved lounge seating and central adjustable table, which can be lowered or raised. By lowering the table to seat height, an added cushion can slot into the opening, filling in the lounge circle to create a bed.

Similar to the Lounger, the Rotating Seater is an outdoor pod that can comfortably accommodate five guests and features the flexibility of 360-degree rotation. A reduced number of wooden arches allows for greater views of the surrounding environment, while the interior is protected by UV acrylic tinted windows. A reflective stainless steel minimalistic cover flows over the roof to help reduce the interior temperature on sunny days.

The G-POD prices start at US$14,995 for the Rotating Seater, $16,995 for the Rotating Lounger and $34,995 for the Summerhouse/Diner/Office. The G-Pod will be on display at the Dwell on Design Show 2012 in Los Angeles from June 22-24.

Sources: G-POD and Ornate Garden via Apartment Therapy

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WTF!? First thought was what happens when the person in the middle has to get out to go to the bathroom or get something? So it rotates? Does that mean the door rotates to you and the bench splits open to let you out? Did someone just stumble off a tilt-a-whirl and have this absurd idea? Does the table lock allowing you to spin all the guest in your direction of choice? Oh and the price? Really? Does it have a special button you press and the door slams shut and it becomes a Zorb? Might want to try again on this one.


Might be worth the price if it were tornado proof.

Billy Brooks
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