Makers of "world's lightest dirt bike" announce its successor, the Mountain Moto FX5


December 12, 2013

The svelte Mountain Moto FX5

The svelte Mountain Moto FX5

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Three years ago we reported on the FX Mountain Moto, which was claimed to be the world’s lightest adult-sized dirt bike. Incorporating both motorcycle and mountain bike parts, it tipped the scales at just 57 kg (125 lb). This week, FX Bikes unveiled its burlier but still-lightweight descendant, the Mountain Moto FX5.

In order to beef up its performance and durability, the only mountain bike component left on the FX5 is its Truvativ downhill handlebars. Most of its other parts are designed for trials, motocross or enduro racing.

It has the same seat/handlebar/footpeg triangle as the heavier (99.5 kg) KTM 350 Freeride motorbike, although its ground clearance has been lowered to that of a trials bike. Power is provided by a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 125cc YX or Daytona-Japan engine, although upgrades up to 190cc are possible. Both manual and automatic clutches will be available.

That's all very well and good, but how much does it weigh? Well, at 60 kg (130 lb), the FX5 development bike shown is a little heavier than the original Mountain Moto – it may shed a few pounds by the time it reaches production, though. In any case, it should still be light enough for users to easily carry on the back of a vehicle, heave over obstacles, and take places in which heavier bikes would get bogged down ... which is of course the advantage, and point, of such a lightweight design.

Although FX Bikes is based out of New Zealand, production of the FX5 is planned to begin in Italy next summer (Northern Hemisphere). Prices will range from US$3,995 to $11,995, depending on whether buyers go for the Steel, Gold or Titanium edition. The company is currently taking reservations and seeking investors.

Full specifications aren't available yet, as the bike is still in the testing phase. You can get a bit of an indication of what to expect, however, by checking out the specs of the 4th-generation Mountain Moto at the link below.

Source: FX Bikes

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All its missing for perfection is a high temperature methanol fuel cell in place of the ICE. Then it would really be something. :)


This is something no one else,even the guys,have been able to do. Must be "dry" weight? Be nice if they came out with a street legal edition without much more weight. Japanese engine should be up to date & reliable too. Keep us posted on any new info. with this company.


can u guys add some gear pedal system in it . In case of petrol is over .

John Edgar

Good job..we need more niche bikes... Nice frame, no bashplate and no chain guard at the front. "...heave over obstacles...": 57kg is too heavy to be able to lift over a gate or fence, maybe if your life depended on it, try it one day... i have many many times with my homebuild motorized mountain bike that weights 28kg (32 with camping gear(...10000 miles)) and that is the limit, if you want to do it as a normal part of your ride that is. Street legal and fuel there is a cheap to run and fun commuter... even better...make it a hybrid (Electric and ICE). Ah well...back to the workshop

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