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Funnell combines backpack and waterproof jacket


July 16, 2014

The Funnell, by Restless Travellers (Photo: Restless Travellers)

The Funnell, by Restless Travellers (Photo: Restless Travellers)

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It can be a hassle to carry around an umbrella or an extra coat all day just in case good weather turns to rain. Herein lies the appeal of the Funnell: a backpack that sports an integrated waterproof jacket that can be quickly accessed to keep you and your belongings dry.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign by creators Restless Travellers, the Funnell resembles several existing products, like the Vamoose and the Xip3.

It has been designed in three slightly different iterations, ranging in size. The largest is the Funnell City in black, which is good for carrying a MacBook Pro-sized laptop and plenty of additional belongings. The Funnell Sport (which comes in red or black) can carry a lighter laptop and offers less room for other stuff. Finally, the smallest black and red Extreme is more suited to a tablet like an iPad and some lightweight essentials.

Each of the Funnell models features a back protection panel, adjustable waist straps, and a separate pouch in which the jacket is stored. There's a drainage opening too, so a wet jacket shouldn't begin to stink inside the bag when stuffed back in.

Of course, the only advantage that the Funnell offers over simply carrying a backpack and a lightweight jacket, is the ease in which you pull out the jacket. From the Kickstarter video (shown below), it looks pretty slick in this regard. Once it rains, the wearer pulls some strings located at the top of the pack and the waterproof jacket is thus ejected. The company has no videos available of packing the jacket back into the backpack, but promises to add one soon.

As of writing, those interested in taking a punt on the Funnell actually reaching production will need to pledge at least US$198, with delivery promised for November this year if all goes to plan. The City model will only be available if the campaign exceeds its goal of $43,000 and reaches the stretch goal of $73,000.

The pitch video below shows the Funnell in use.

Sources: Restless Travellers, Kickstarter

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"It can be a hassle to carry around an umbrella..." so instead, wear a backpack when you're not going hiking, put up your hood on a summer day, and wear tour hat indoors. Is this a joke?


I think they've completely missed their market with this product!

This concept would be great for cyclists / runners / hikers who are accustomed to carrying a backpack / camel hump. There's nothing worse than heading outdoors for several hours in changeable weather - if you take a coat and it warms up then you're stuck lugging it around (even worse, if you don't bother and it rains!).

Add a water bladder and somewhere to keep your pocket lint (phone, wallet, keys, puncture repair kit etc.) and I'll sign up for one!

Nathan Rees

@Eddie @Nathan Rees

Guys, consider what the backpack is designed to carry: Laptop/notebook pc and gadgets. It's not for camping or wandering in the mall.

This is targeted to the people who commute to work/school (not in an automobile) with a computer. If you ride a bus, train, or bike every day, then this is a cool idea.


Flink those who commute to work or bike to work can get a trash bag and/or very light rain coat for a couple bucks to cover themselves when it rains. $200.oo for this is rediculous.


I notice disproportionately few cyclists and hikers who use umbrellas in my area. Perhaps they are all just fed up with the inconvenience of the hand-carried water-deflecting implement?

I think I'm missing the point on this jacket/backpack fusion exercise. For one thing, there are times when you want to separate the two aren't there? And why stop there, why not incorporate waterproof trousers and booties too. While we're on that kick, let's throw in a helmet for the bike commuters. Hey why don't we just wear a space suit to work?


Why not just have a backpack and put a regular jacket in it?

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