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Freedomky prefab house designed for affordable off-grid living


August 2, 2012

The Freedomky prefabricated house

The Freedomky prefabricated house

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Czech architect Marek Štěpán and his studio Atelier Štěpán has come up with a stylish take on the prefabricated home designed for affordable off-grid living. Though compact, the "Freedomky" nevertheless comes complete with laundry and cooking facilities as well as security and heating systems.

Freedomkies (if that's the plural) come in two main versions: the 23 sq m (248 sq ft) 1PLUS Classic for up to two occupants, and the 38 sq m (409 sq ft) 2PLUS Classic for up to four. Multiple modules can be arranged around an indoor atrium for one of two larger configurations, known as Freedomky L and Freedomky U. All versions comes with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette, and a patio can be added as an option.

A number of off-the-shelf home interior finishes are available, though one-off designs, named Solitaires, can also be requested. These bespoke versions can be adapted into gyms, offices, and presumably whatever else you fancy.

The house can be installed in four hours, apparently without need of skilled hands—unless utility connections are required, that is. For off-grid installations (branded Independence Modules), Freedomky recommends a photovoltaics system with back-up diesel generator for electricity, solar thermal for hot water and the installation of a waste-treatment unit.

So long as the load-bearing requirements are met, the Freedomky is apparently suitable for installation on a cement rooftop.

The first Freedomky prototype appeared in 2010 in Prague's Wenceslas Square, and since then subsequent iterations have popped up in both the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, pricing info seems to have been removed from the website for now. We've asked for an update so if and when we hear word, you'll be the first to know. Its makers say it's cheaper than an urban studio flat, but considering you can pay two arms, two legs plus a King's ransom for one of those these days, we'll reserve judgement for now.

Source: Freedomky, via Treehugger

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If I go off grid it is not going to be in a cramped house.


Basic prices here in Chech money



This appears to be so off grid that you're gonna need a latrine outside. You might be able to wash your face at the kitchen sink; however, I saw no place to bathe either.


Roughly $50k for the largest one. Bathroom included.

Jay Lloyd

do you know how cheap you can buy an Rv these days? pick up mine for $1300 22ft less than 44k miles everything a home has

Leonard Foster

Njall, it says all units come with a bathroom.

Charles Bosse

These look to me like an upmarket 'park home'- and those are basically static caravans uprated for permanent habitation.

These don't seem to offer anything new other than more attractive internal and external styling. And they don't appear to offer wheels underneath to help ease them into position.

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