Ford announces 30 mpg upgrade to its 7-passenger Transit Connect Wagon


November 14, 2012

Ford's newly-updated Transit Connect Wagon

Ford's newly-updated Transit Connect Wagon

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Ford has just announced an update to its 7-passenger people mover, the Transit Connect Wagon. Generally, such large vehicles aren't know for their stellar fuel efficiency, but the automaker is looking to break that trend with this 30 mpg (7.8 l/100km) vehicle.

While fuel efficient, the Transit Connect should also prove effective at getting things done. It comes with seats that fold completely flat, opening up around 100 cubic feet (2.83 cubic meters) of cargo space. It also has a 1,200-pound (544.3 kg) payload, and can tow up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg), which actually rivals the capacity of some small pickup trucks.

With the seats in their upright position, it can comfortably fit five or seven people, depending on the wheelbase configuration. After all, Ford is dubbing this new van as a people mover, so it needs room for, well ... people.

The Transit Connect has plenty of options available, such as a panoramic moon roof, rear view camera, and a 6.5-inch touchscreen equipped with a navigation system and Ford's SYNC voice-activated communication and entertainment system. The interior is available in the buyer's choice of cloth, leather, and more durable vinyl, depending on what the vehicle's intended use.

As far as the engine goes, Ford is offering the new Transit Connect with two different four-cylinder options, both of which are outfitted with a six-speed automatic transmission. The first option is a 2.5-liter engine, while the second has a displacement of 1.6 liters. The smaller engine is the one that is claimed to deliver 30 mpg.

The original Transit Connect has seen some success in terms of commercial use, selling at a rate of 35,000 units per year. Ford is aiming the new version at the general car buyer, although it isn't forgetting about the commercial use that made the vehicle a success in the first place.

The automaker expects its new Transit Connect to be available in North American dealerships in the fourth quarter of 2013. Ford has yet to release final pricing information, but the current model has a base MSRP of US$22,265, and we presume the new one, with its larger suite of options, will cost slightly more.

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This annoucment should be re-worded to state "mpg upgrade with smaller engine". As worded,the statement implies the vehical is getting 30 mpg more than the original vehical!!!


I see it has the same front end as evey other Ford non truck vehicle. So much for design diversification at Ford. Sadly, the new Mustang will also have this same front end.


They are finally getting close to the performance my 1981 Datsun diesel pickup got....31 years later

Gw Invader
I'd rather see the NG engine the Van has or the EV drive one.

Best would be a 40 mile EV drive with a NG unlimited range generator. This would be about 100mpge or 60-75mpg hybrid if the generator is needed.

And please less electronics, not more. jerryd

how effective can a 1.6 L 4 cyl to pull a 7 people van?

if it can be done why not put a 4 cyl into a 1/2 to 1 ton truck?

Jimbo Jim

30mpg Diesel is NOT equivalent to 30mpg Gasoline.

Yes less electronics.

I get 27mpg in my caravan now, on the Highway, but on the street I get 12mpg, this isn't really solving much.

I was really hoping that they where putting out a hydraulic hybrid when I clicked on the article, oh well.


Pity that Ford had to throw out the beautifully simple front end in favor of a grotesque and gaping grille. Other unwelcome changes include the unnecessarily sculpted sides and the complex and ugly instrumentation. I like the 6-speed automatic and the flip up rear door (as long as it flips high enough to miss the noggins of us tall folks), though the previous two side-opening doors worked just fine. The current 2012 Transit dash and instrumentation is FAR superior to the new design ... it was simple, tasteful, easy to use, and easy to read. Discarding this design was just an expensive mistake. All the 2012 model needed was an upgraded suspension, more comfortable seats, a 6-speed automatic, and a gasoline/hybrid engine. I'd have grabbed one in a heartbeat. With all it's negatives, this new model would be a difficult sale for a purist like me who prefers simplicity and function over glitz and glare.

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