Ford Mustang's Track Apps will give real-time performance metrics


November 17, 2011

The 2013 Ford Mustang will incorporate Track Apps, a feature that displays the car's performance metrics in real time

The 2013 Ford Mustang will incorporate Track Apps, a feature that displays the car's performance metrics in real time

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It may not be the type of thing that would be used for everyday driving, but owners of the 2013 Ford Mustang will have a little something extra for days that they want to take their car out for some exercise - Track Apps. Displayed on a 4.2-inch LCD "productivity screen" located between the tachometer and speedometer, Track Apps will provide enthusiast drivers with real-time data on their pony car's performance.

Using sensors already present in the vehicle, the technology will measure and display information on things such as:

  • g forces pulled when turning
  • acceleration times for 0-30, 0-60 and 0-100 mph (48, 97 and 161 km/h), along with eighth-mile and quarter-mile figures
  • a timer that starts when the car accelerates from a standstill, plus a drag strip-like countdown timer
  • braking performance for 60-0 or 100-0 mph

Drivers can also access records of their all-time best performances, by navigating the menu using a five-way button on the steering wheel.

Although not part of the Track Apps feature, other data displayed on the productivity screen will relate to engine operation, trip calculations, fuel economy, and other vehicle system information.

While there's little doubt that drivers who take their Mustangs to the race track will appreciate Track Apps, one has to wonder if the feature will also encourage irresponsible driving on city streets. Your thoughts on the topic are welcome.

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I\'m already irresponsible. Now I can have the numbers to prove it :) I would want a way to wipe the memory in the event my vehicle had warranty issues or the authorities wanted to look at it.


Very nice. Hopefully it would send the data to the police in the background to catch those wannabe F1 pilots who are about to kill others on the road by speeding and drag racing. :)

Iván Imhof
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