Ford concept teases the return of the Escort – in China alone


April 22, 2013

Ford's new concept Escort (Photo: Gizmag)

Ford's new concept Escort (Photo: Gizmag)

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Ford's new Escort concept, unveiled over the weekend at the Shanghai Auto Show, may be intended to demonstrate Ford's dedication to China's flourishing compact car market, but it's likely to spark a glimmer of nostalgia in the West, especially in those parts that remember the iconic mark Is and IIs of the late 60s and 70s.

Though Ford released no specifics about the concept, it hints that the concept was steered by market research in the Chinese market. The company suggests the Escort would be a stylish, sensible and roomy alternative to the fun driving experience of the Ford Focus, its spiritual successor.

Ford says the concept "highlights the strength of our global One Ford approach to vehicle design," which may explain why it resembles every other sedan on the market these days.

Is this a worthy successor to the good name of Escort? Take a look at the gallery and let us know in the comments.

Source: Ford


Needs more hatchback.


Im not seeing any thing special

Graham HomeMaintenance

Ahhh... the good ol' Escort! Escorts were the must-have wheels for the gold-medallion mustached guys of the 70s down here in New Zealand! They were GREAT little cars!



The Chinese market prefers saloons (sedans) to hatchbacks.

I think this looks ok- nice homage to the 'coke bottle' styling of the Mk1 and Cortina Mk3 (Taunus in mainland Europe).

I really like the front end- also looks fabulous on the to-be-launched Mondeo (Fusion in the US).

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