FlySmart mobile app for airport travel


September 13, 2010

FLYsmart App for airport travelers

FLYsmart App for airport travelers

Spending time at an airport waiting for connecting flights or just trying to negotiate your way to your hotel can be frustrating, especially if you're on a tight schedule or budget. Like lots of problems we encounter these days ... there's an app for that. This one – FLYsmart – maps and displays all the immediate information air travelers may need, so backpackers can easily navigate their way to the cheapest form of transport leaving the airport or the business traveler can make layovers as hassle-free as possible.

FLYsmart is designed to guide you to news stands, gift shops, restaurants, restrooms and other terminal information, whilst also providing information about surrounding hotels and city attractions, plus live feeds of arrival and departure information.

Developed by advertising company Clear Channel in collaboration with Santa Monica based nav specialist Geodelic, FLYsmart is now available for free download for the iPhone smart phones, with an Android version expected to be released soon. A BlackBerry version is slated for release in early Q3.

At this stage the app will only work in ten of North America’s airports: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle. New airports will be added each week, but it won't find you the nearest exit at Katmandu airport just yet.

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