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flix Live puts the kitchen on wheels


February 3, 2013

The flix Live portable kitchen features folding "wings" on three sides

The flix Live portable kitchen features folding "wings" on three sides

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The kitchen is the hub of most households and when you venture outside its walls, many of its conveniences are sorely missed. Sadly, you can't take it all with you ... but you can try. While it may not take you as far afield as the Grub Hub camp kitchen, the flix Live is designed to simplify and speed-up the task of transferring gastronomical proceedings out into the garden, terrace or roof top, where it can work as either a kitchen, BBQ station or buffet.

Made in Germany by flix GMBH, the flix Live was designed with the assistance of experienced chefs and food experts and packs in many of the tools and gadgets found in any good kitchen. Features include fold-out multi-functional wings on three of the four sides, a chopping board made of solid wood or of synthetic material with six condiment boxes underneath, a spice station with twelve stainless steel jar pots, built-in scales with clock and timer, a clip-on cutlery holder, a tool holder with five hooks, a knife block, four porcelain plates from Schönwald and an oil and vinegar station.

flix Live also sports integrated LED lighting and a professional charcoal grill or two burner electric stove. Other options include a soup station, a wok-burner, an electric grill, cooling or hot plates and a fryer.

The unit itself is constructed from hardwood multiplex with frosted acrylic glass surfaces and brush stainless steel legs. A weatherproof cover is also available if you don't feel like wheeling it back inside.

The flix Live portable kitchen comes in two colors (white and brown) and will set you back €2,650 ($US4160), plus shipping costs for anywhere outside of Germany.

Source: flix Live via HomeChunk

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