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The Flip turns the world of alarm clocks upside-down


April 18, 2013

The Flip alarm clock is turned on and off simply by turning it over

The Flip alarm clock is turned on and off simply by turning it over

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We’ve seen alarm clocks that you turn off by chasing them across the room, sticking a toothbrush in them or punching in a code in another room, but Lexon’s new Flip offers yet another alternative – you just turn the thing over.

Created by designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright, the Flip has clearly-marked ON and OFF sides. When the ON side is facing up, the alarm is armed and the LCD display indicates both the time of day, and the time for which the alarm is set.

When the alarm goes off, simply touching the clock’s touch sensor activates its snooze function, and causes the display to momentarily illuminate. Once you’re up and ready to stop snoozing, you just turn the clock over so the OFF side is facing up, to completely shut off the alarm.

The display automatically flips itself over when the clock is flipped, so the numbers always remain upright relative to the user.

The Flip is the winner of a 2013 Red Dot Design Award, and is available now in a variety of colors for €39 (US$50).

Source: Lexon via Firebox

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Hmm, wonder if this has ever been done before, it is so obvious. Perhaps you should have to balance it on its side for snooze.

Paul Anthony

This isn't a new idea, I've had a clock like this for a long time https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45137959/IMAG0061.jpg The sensor in mine gets out of whack sometimes, but they are kinda neat.


looks interesting but not really something i'd prefer to a normal alarm clock or my phone. Buttons, voice activation, and especially neuroheadbands, will be the alarm clocks of the future, and are much easier/simpler/quicker to use.

Tristan King

I don't see a power chord on the thing. I wouldn't depend a battery operated alarm clock. Apower chord would end up all twisted, it seems.

John Hagen-Brenner

Then you have to remember to turn it back over to arm it. Nice clean design, but pointless, imo.


I think it's in awesome product, simplistic and functional, and I totally disagree that you need a mains supply for an alarm clock

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