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FixMeStick virus removal tool expands to Mac platform


January 27, 2014

FixMeStick is a first plug-in device designed to remove hard-to-detect malware from Apple computers

FixMeStick is a first plug-in device designed to remove hard-to-detect malware from Apple computers

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Back in 2012, Montreal-based entrepreneurs Marty Algire and Corey Velan released a product known as the FixMeStick. It's a bootable USB device that detects and eliminates viruses in PCs ... because everyone knows that Macs don't get viruses, right? Well, no, those days are long gone. That's why Algire and Velan are now developing the FixMeStick for Mac.

With the current PC version of the FixMeStick, users just plug it into a USB port and boot up their computer, then the stick goes to work seeking out nasties. It automatically accesses the internet, to search for updates.

The Mac version should work pretty much the same, except tailored to Mac hardware and viruses. It incorporates its own Linux-based operating system, that takes control of the computer before its own OS kicks in. This means that viruses can't evade the stick, by hijacking the computer's system and getting it to hide them.

The stick also doesn't install any programs on the computer, so it shouldn't affect speed or conflict with any existing software. When it's done, it eliminates any viruses it's found, then reboots the computer back to its own operating system.

FixMeStick uses the Kaspersky, Sophos and ThreatTrack VIPRE anti-virus engines. When it's time to renew the subscription, the user will automatically be notified by the device when they're using it. One stick can be used on up to three Macs, an unlimited number of times.

Algire and Velan are currently raising production funds for the FixMeStick for Mac via Kickstarter. The lower pledge levels are already all taken, but you can still get in line for one for a pledge of CAD$40 (about US$35) . If all goes according to plan, delivery is expected to commence in April 2014. The projected retail price is $60.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

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i thought kickstarter was for people starting out with a brave new idea, not just a marketing adjunct for established businesses.

Yevgenyi Gorbachev

Nothing new here, I have been using boot able virus scanning disks and usb's for years and for much cheaper than the asking price for this. just Google free boot-able virus scanners

Denis Klanac
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