Fisker Atlantic plug-in hybrid revealed in New York


April 4, 2012

Fisker Atlantic Design Prototype (Photo: Fisker Automotive)

Fisker Atlantic Design Prototype (Photo: Fisker Automotive)

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Fisker Automotive has revealed the shape of its future with the unveiling of a new design prototype - the Fisker Atlantic. The wraps were taken off the four-door Atlantic - which Fisker sees as the "next step in its transition from start-up automaker to mainstream American manufacturer" - in a preview event on the eve of the New York Auto Show.

“Fisker Automotive is transitioning from a start-up automaker to a fully-fledged mainstream car manufacturer and the Atlantic is a crucial milestone in that process,” said Tom LaSorda, CEO Fisker Automotive. “We have a long way to go, but in the near future Fisker intends to deliver this exceptional American-designed, engineered, and manufactured vehicle to showrooms worldwide.”

Like the Karma, Atlantic uses a hybrid range extending set-up. Dubbed EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range), the system relies on a four-cylinder gasoline engine to generate charge for the vehicle's lithium ion batteries, but the electric motor provides the drive.

The Atlantic's powertrain will be rear-wheel drive as standard with an all-wheel drive version offered as an option.

The new design clearly holds strong ties with the Karma, the most obvious differences being a revamped grille and headlights, the integration of the rear door handles into the C-pillars and a wider trunk opening highlighted by narrow, split LED tail lamps.

Back to back: the Atlantic and the 2012 Karma

Fisker also points to the ridged "spider" structure of the glass roof which it claims delivers enough strength to "surpasses all current and future rollover safety and crash-test requirements worldwide" as well as providing more room for your noggin.

Further details on pricing, technical specs, and release date will be released "closer to the launch of the production car."

Source: Fisker Automotive


It's still the batteries, some tech that's now rare expensive industrial tech but looks to have practical consumer future pending more research & testing is - Fluoride-Based Battery - Just plug that phrase into Google. If Gizmag has covered them, I'm not finding the article.

Dave B13

The Flouride Battery: Cleans your teeth while it's running your car.

Dave Andrews

The last report on Obama's "Green Energy" this company has failed or is about to go under after massive stimulus dollars

John Sweet

Another massive waste of Taxpayer dollars but that seems the norm these days. I dont think they could waste more if they were trying.

James Turner

Did they manage to improve the low 20 mpg that the Karma get's when it's generator is running? I would have thought that alone would stop people from buying this car?

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