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First images Maxtra 125 motor and tests


June 21, 2008

First images Maxtra 125 motor and tests

First images Maxtra 125 motor and tests

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June 21, 2008 The Chinese Maxtra Racing team completed its first series of tests on the all-new 125 GP development machine in the UK this week. The photography session for the tests has revealed the first images of the radical new motor’s innovative engine architecture. You’ll see from the accompanying image that the single cylinder points downwards at about 45 degrees. This previously untried layout offers improvements to both intake and exhaust. There is more space for an airbox, enhancing the effectiveness of the ram-air intake system and the exhaust clearly has a free run to the rear of the machine.

Chassis designers Harris Performance and engine development specialist Franco Moro were joined for the tests by top technicians and engineers from the Chinese Haojue factory, which launched the new Maxtra name and race team project at the Grand Prix of China in Shanghai last month.

The tests at Mallory Park and Rockingham circuits were preliminary shakedown runs designed to check that all components and systems were working as designed.

"The shakedown tests all went as expected,” explained Team Maxtra project leader Garry Taylor. “Of course with top technical consultants like Harris Performance and Jan Witteveen and his team designing and developing the machine, plus the continuing input from the Haojue factory, it isn’t really surprising that it all works as it should. However, it’s still good to get on the race track for the first time and see and hear it all not just working, but working well and turning the sort of times we all hoped for."

Experienced British 125 class rider Michael Wilcox was the test rider for the shakedown tests.

The next track test for the Maxtra team will be in Italy next month, when further engine and chassis refinements and components will be evaluated.

The remarkable full story of the team and its plans can be found here.

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