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FireText Smoke Alarm texts you in the event of a fire


July 11, 2011

The FireText Smoke Alarm features a SIM card slot to let it send a text message when it detects smoke

The FireText Smoke Alarm features a SIM card slot to let it send a text message when it detects smoke

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Smoke alarms are great for alerting people that a fire has broken out so they can get out of harm's way and alert the authorities. But what happens if there's no one home when a fire breaks out. Sure, you could rely on your neighbors to raise the alarm, but by that point your house and its precious contents will likely be well ablaze. The FireText Smoke Alarm will let you know if your house is going up in smoke wherever you may be by sending a text message to up to four mobile phone numbers as soon as it detects smoke.

According to ELS Limited, the company behind the FireText Smoke Alarm, there is a domestic fire every eight minutes in the U.K. and 15 percent of house fires occur in vacant properties. The battery-powered FireText features a SIM card slot so it can send a user-defined text message to up to four recipients when it detects smoke with its photoelectric smoke detector. The unit will also function as a traditional smoke alarm, belting out an 85db alarm in the event of a fire. It is also insect proof and guaranteed for two years.

The device is powered by a 9V lithium battery that the company says will provide a minimum of 36 continuous activations - although if you're setting off the thing 36 times you might want to have your house's electrical wiring inspected. With no activations the battery should last over five years, but average usage should result in a life span of 2-4 years. Those testing the device weekly are advised to replace the battery every 3-6 months.

The FireText Smoke Alarm is available now for GBP89.99 (approx. US$144), although you'll have to supply your own SIM card.

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great now the smoke alarm needs a $50 a month cell number i need 8 of them to cover my house $400 a month!>? wle


this is a brilliant idea, really clever thinking to combine two available technologies. great work!

Vikram Vishwanath

SIM card!? I would think this would be bluetooth to a main unit outside for reception issues. My cell doesn\'t work down in the basement where my fire alarm is. Good idea but only a start to what the final product needs to be.


@wle: You need to look for a different phone company. It\'s possible to get deals which are like nothing per month.

@Zdaxxy Surely you can appreciate that product will work for many people making more than just a good idea. If you wanna start thinking bluetooth, a network setup and so on there are many good fire systems on the market already.

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