Final leg of Zero Race delayed


January 26, 2011

The three remaining competitors in the Zero Race will resume hostilities in February, 2011

The three remaining competitors in the Zero Race will resume hostilities in February, 2011

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When they set out from the United Nations Palace in Geneva, Switzerland, on August 16 last year, competitors in the Zero Race were looking forward to returning to that city for the end of the race at the beginning of next month. Unfortunately, due to “unforeseen delays with shipping from Mexico,” (we're sure the Cancún beaches had nothing to do with it), the racers’ 100 percent electric vehicles are still making their way across the Atlantic Ocean meaning the final nine-day leg of the competition won't get underway until mid-February.

Of the four teams that set out last August, only South Korea’s Power Plaza Team failed to make it successfully to Cancún on time – Canada’s electric 1972 VW Beetle that was originally set to compete but was forced to settle for a drive across Canada when the University of British Columbia team realized they wouldn’t make the Zero Race deadline. This leaves Australia’s Team Trev, Switzerland’s Zerotracer and Germany’s Vectrix Team to fight it out for line honors when the race officially recommences in Casablanca, Morocco on Wednesday February 16.

Days 72 to 80 of the Zero Race will see the the teams travel northward via Gibraltar, across Spain and France before completing the global journey at the United Nations Palace, in Geneva, Switzerland, on February 24, 2011 – barring any more unforeseen delays.

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