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Better than advertised: Fiat 500e rated at 116 mpg-e


January 22, 2013

The 500e gets 116 mpg-e

The 500e gets 116 mpg-e

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When Fiat revealed the 500e at the L.A. Auto Show, it estimated that its first U.S. electric car would score a miles per gallon gasoline equivalent fuel economy of 116 mpg-e city, 100 mpg-e highway and 108 mpg-e. The official Environmental Protection Agency rating is in, and it's significantly better than estimated.

The EPA rates the 2013 500e at 122 mpg-e city, 108 mpg-e highway and 116 mpg-e combined. Fiat says that the 108 mpg-e highway figure is the best among U.S.-market electric vehicles. The combined figure falls short of a couple competitors, including the Honda Fit EV (118 mpg-e) and Scion iQ (121 mpg-e).

The 500e's range also gets a boost from the EPA. The agency's testing indicates the car will travel 87 miles (140 km) per charge, which bests Fiat's estimated 80 miles (129 km). Fiat is also happy to report that the annual fuel costs are estimated at an even $500. The mini-EV's consumption is 29 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 miles.

The 500e is powered by a 111-hp electric motor. Fiat added a series of eight aerodynamic improvements to the car to boost aerodynamics by 13 percent.

The 500e will go on sale in California in the second quarter.

Source: Fiat/Chrysler

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Kilowatt hours?


get it to 300 miles at 80mph it will be in my driveway

Bill Bennett

Raise the price of gas to $8 a gallon so the $11,217 in lower fuel costs will justify the $11,216 higher price than its internal combustion counterpart and I'll put one in my driveway.


At what price and when can the rest of us bloody well get one?

Max Kennedy

Finally... An EV that looks good and is fun to drive. Wanted a 500 anyway, this just sweetens the pot.

Available in California ...Only


I travel 135 miles in a day---only 2 charging stations at my company with 500+ employees...I agree with Bill...needs to go another 200 miles further per charge to be considered.

Gregory Gannotti

It's about freakin' time Fiat...!!! Way to go! When can I get one?!?


"Raise the price of gas to $8 a gallon so the $11,217 in lower fuel costs will justify the $11,216 higher price than its internal combustion counterpart and I'll put one in my driveway."

The $7,500 available tax credit may do it for yah.


Ugly, but somewhat economical... Let's hope this FIAT doen't live up to its old acronymn: "Fix It All the Time."

Rick Perez

We have a Leaf and it reports 4.3m/kwh in mixed mild-weather driving. That translates to 143mpg. We normally charge about 2 hours/night (7kwh) and drive 30 miles on it. The EPA tests must be more hostile to the mileage.

Doug Liser

To bad, so sad... for decades now the axial vector engine has been disingenuously thwarted, info on it has recently gone missing and what does exist has been significantly dumbed down... bottom line an engine with a production cost of 250.00 $$$'s that gets 40% better milage and puts out 3 X's more power remains undeveloped so reverse engineers can have wet dreams jacking the world over parts, maintenance, and battery replacement... the 50hp axial vector engine that they ran on a motorcycle put out 150 Ft. Lb. Tq. and got 125 mpg... and it would make this fiat scream and weigh hundreds of pounds less... be sure to thank Emirate Capital for suppressing the development of this engine. They took over investor relations in 2007 and have trashed it ever since... with the full knowledge and blessing of the entire engineering community. What Fredrick Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth parodied in " The Space Merchants " has become a virtual reality today... SWEET !!!


"The official ... rating is ... significantly better than estimated"... "29 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 miles". An electric-assist bicycle takes 1 kWh per 100 miles (or much less if you pedal). So, which one is significantly better?

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