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Students from Hongik University, Seoul win Ferrari World Design Contest


July 21, 2011

'Eternita,' the winning entry for this year's Ferrari World Design Contest

'Eternita,' the winning entry for this year's Ferrari World Design Contest

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This year's Ferrari World Design Contest award has gone to three students from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. Students from 50 universities worldwide put pencil to paper to compete for the award, with the Korean students being chosen over close contenders from IED of Turin, Italy and London's Royal College of Arts.

The Seoul students, Kim Cheong Ju, Ahn Dre and Lee Sahngseok, won with their entry dubbed "Eternità," proving to be the finest design of a Ferrari thoroughbred hypercar. The design not only focused on exterior lines and elegance, but also addressed reducing fuel consumption through alternative propulsion systems. The winning students completed their application with several designs represented in 2D and 3D form, including a 1:4 scale model.

Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo personally presented the Korean students with the winning award. "I saw at first hand the many genuinely innovative ideas that these talented youngsters sent us and could feel the enormous passion and commitment that had gone into them," he stated. "I am certain that some of these suggestions will come to light in the Ferraris of the future."

Two special prizes were also awarded to the Hongik students for the best "Autodesk Design" award, and to Jiangnan University (China) for the "Most Unexpected Technological Solution" award.

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Yuck. That\'s hideous.

Chi Sup

Meh. Nothing new here. Look at this from four years ago:


A few changes in details, but not much different.



Waiel Jibrail

Well, If you geniuses can do better, then go for it!


WOW! The Cavallo Concept knocked my socks off. This jaded old man was surprised he could still be moved. Now I won\'t be happy with the Aptera design. Who can turn this drawing into a reality? I want it!

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