Around The Home Feature

In style: Highlights from Milan Design Week 2016

Sprawling over 204,850 m2 (2.2 million ft2) of the Rho Milan Fairgrounds in Italy, the 55th Salone Internazionale Del Mobile (aka Milan Design Week) this year showcased the latest home-furnishing designs of more than 2,400 exhibitors from Italy and around the globe. The huge range of products on display combined quality craftsmanship with technology and innovative solutions for a diverse range of spaces and lifestyles. After wandering through the maze of design houses amid the staggering 372,151 total attendees, we've put together a photo gallery of the highlights.Read More

Automotive Feature

Pictorial: Top Marques Monaco 2016

The 13th annual Top Marques has become the world's highest profile show of outrageously expensive toys for the rich and famous. This year a plethora of new toys went on display, with the 270 hp Arcaboard (no, it's a flyboard, not a car), the shape-shifting Kormaran boat, the Martin JetPack, Icona's titanium-bodied 670 hp Vulcano, the beautiful retro-Italian Effeffe Berlinetta, Apollo's 986 hp Arrow, Kahn Design's 510 hp Vengeance, Mazzanti's aero-revised 751 hp Evantra, Belassi's new 333 hp B3R PWC, Newtron's all-electric Fiat 500, plus a full complement of A-list manufacturers of watches, jewelry and expensive playthings of all descriptions.Read More

Automotive Feature

Behind the scenes at GE's future-forward factory

It feels like a scene from a movie. I'm standing in the lobby of a brand-new research facility where video screens set in large circular stands beam the company's achievements from their high-res flat screens. Behind glass panels, engineers in slacks and button-down shirts are busy working lasers, monitoring a robot and generally doing engineer-like things. This is GE's brand-new Advanced Manufacturing Works (AMW) in Greenville, South Carolina. It's the company's first in the world and Gizmag got inside to take a sneak peek.Read More

Automotive Feature

Koenigsegg winds down the Agera era and begins the Regera era

Big things are happening in Sweden. One of the world's most impressive cars, the Koenigsegg Agera, is making its way toward retirement. The Agera has had quite a career, bringing intriguing new technologies to market and earning a slew of honors and records. Koenigsegg celebrates that distinguished run with a trio of "Final" editions. No need to get teary eyed for the loss, though; the even more extreme Regera will soon step in as the official Koenigsegg to be seen in. Read More

Space Feature

Artist's impression: How to paint a planet

Exoplanets take many weird and wonderful forms, and we've only discovered a handful of the untold number that exist in our universe. Even though a small number have been directly imaged, most have been identified through indirect methods and in both cases, the actual appearance of the planet is left almost entirely to the imagination. This means that it falls to talented artists to provide an accessible interpretation of what these remote bodies could look like. We spoke to space artist Danielle Futselaar to uncover what goes into illustrating a planet.Read More

Automotive Feature

Techno-Classica Essen: The world's biggest classic car experience ... plus a disruptive new technology

Techno-Classica Essen is the world's largest grass roots classic car event, and you really don't understand the sheer magnitude of an industry until you go to its global "Mecca" and walk the show floor. Here's a tour through the 22 halls of this year's gargantuan gathering in words and pictures, including a look at a new technology roll-out that will revolutionize the classic car industry, 1001 ways to decorate your man cave tastefully, and an explanation as to why the classic car "price bubble" isn't going to burst any time soon. Read More

Mobile Technology Feature

Don't sleep on the HTC 10 – this phone looks phenomenal (hands-on)

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the whole Samsung vs. Apple thing and forget about HTC. But this year you'll do so at your own peril, because the company's 2016 flagship looks like an absolute beast. Based on our first impressions, the HTC 10 has a chance to join with the firm's Vive VR headset as one of the best one-two punches in recent consumer tech history. This is a serious contender for best smartphone of the year.Read More


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