Space Feature

Leap into the lunar unknown: Fifty years since the landmark launch of Surveyor 1

Space travel can still be dramatic in 2016, but it's a cakewalk compared to half a century ago. Today marks 50 years since the unmanned Surveyor I probe lifted off from Cape Canaveral, and when it landed in the Oceanus Procellarum on June 2, 1966, it was more than the first US soft landing on the Moon, it was a leap into the unknown. Launched at the height of the Space Race and the depth of the Cold War, the stakes for the first of seven Surveyor missions were incredibly high, as NASA wrestled with untried technologies and questions about the basic nature of the Moon that could make or break any hope of a manned landing.Read More

Automotive Feature

Expedition trucks, 4x4 campers and angry beasts of Overland Expo 2016

Teardrops and trailer boxes dominated the exhibitor section of Overland Expo West 2016, but there were still plenty of larger vehicles on display around the show. We've compiled a full photo gallery of everything from basic pickup trailers with pop-up tents, to hulking commercial truck-sized shelters, to the accessories supporting those rigs. If you like off-roading, camping or old-fashioned road-tripping, it'll be hard not to find something you like.
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Outdoors Feature

Shreddin' teardrops and other off-road camping trailers of Overland Expo 2016

We're just back from a long, windy extended weekend at Overland Expo 2016. In the past when we've made the trip to Northern Arizona, monstrous expedition vehicles like the EarthCruiser FX and EarthRoamer XV-LTS have always made the biggest impression. This year, the big story was really small ... teardrop size, in fact. There was a veritable explosion of interesting off-road trailers, everything from single-person teardrops, to bruising boxes, to simple steel cargo beds with roof tents.Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Luke Workman interview Part 2: The million-horsepower piston crusher, the Joby S2 and leaving Zero

If you missed part one of our Luke Workman interview, check it out. He's a brilliant, fearless, joyful maniac who has so many fingers in so many pies that he's got to have an extra pair of hands somewhere to fit them on. Formerly the lead lithium battery specialist at Zero Motorcycles, Luke is now an independent contractor working on a dozen ridiculously amazing projects including the stunning Joby S2. That's just his professional life – outside hours he's constantly working on a range of backyard science projects that would scare the bejesus out of any lesser being. In part two, we discuss his million-horsepower piston crusher, his multirotor projects and his post-Zero consulting career. Plus, Loz rides the Death Bike in a bicycle helmet and a Nomex suit.Read More

VR Feature

Here's what it's like to ride a virtual reality roller coaster

After having my brain smooshed against my skull, my stomach flipped and flopped, and my spine whipped hither and thither, I thought a day at the Six Flags amusement park in St. Louis Missouri couldn't get any more fun. I was wrong. When I climbed aboard the park's soon-to-open virtual reality coaster the next morning as part of a special press event, my opinion of what an amusement park ride could be leaped into another dimension.Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Dezso Molnar interview Part 4: My two current flying car projects

In part 4 of our extended interview with serial inventor and flying car advocate Dezso Molnar, Dezso puts his money where his mouth is. After giving us his philosophy on flying cars, and reviewing his favorite and least favorite existing designs, Dezso speaks about the two flying car designs he's currently working on as he prepares to launch the world's first flying car race series. The Street Wing concept is a fully electric, solar-supported streetable airplane, and the G2 Gyrocycle is a race-focused, 200 mph three-wheeler that's already rolling on the street, and nearly ready to fly.Read More

Mobile Technology Feature

Project Ara: Will Google's modular smartphone slot into our future?

We've been keeping an eye on the progress of Google's Project Ara for a while now, and the radio silence had us a little worried. The idea for a modular smartphone, where individual hardware components like cameras, speakers and battery packs can be easily swapped out to customize your device, was too intriguing to languish in limbo. But Ara will languish no more, as the tech giant gave the project some much needed attention at its I/O conference last week. We now know a lot more about how the system works, how it fits into the current landscape of modular phones and why we should be (at least cautiously) excited about it.Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Luke Workman interview Part 1: Petrolheads are missing the tarmac-tearing potential of electric vehicles

Grab life by the danglies and extract maximum joy from every minute: it's an awesome philosophy that we'd all like to live by, but there are some people that just seem born to do it. Luke Workman is one of 'em. Born into a family of hot rod street racers, Workman hustled his way through college dreaming of being a Formula One engineer, then had an epiphany and ended up as one of the world's foremost lithium battery wizards. We first met Luke at Zero Motorcycles, where tales of his epic, outrageous after hours shenanigans were already legendary. So on a cold, wet night in January, Loz Blain dropped in for a long chat and some hair-raising seat time in some of Workman's crazy home-built electric hot rods. Here's part one of a very fun chat with a very remarkable guy.Read More


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