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Feadship's new 257-foot Hampshire II motoryacht launched


April 15, 2012

Feadship's new Hampshire II luxury motoryacht prepares to launch

Feadship's new Hampshire II luxury motoryacht prepares to launch

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When Feadship Royal Dutch shipyards rolls, or rather, floats out one of its multi-million dollar superyachts, it does so with a lot of fanfare. Just last month, we covered the unveiling of their innovative Qi (Chi) concept vessel and now the megayacht builder has introduced its latest real-world effort, the 257-foot (78.50m) luxury motoryacht Hampshire II, which left the drydock at the company's Kaag, Netherlands, facility a few days ago.

"She is built around every conceivable sporting activity while also offering exceptional facilities for those who like to take things a little easier," Feadship director Dick van Lent told the crowd gathered for the launch ceremony. Indeed, from the teak-finished helipad that can be reformatted for baseball, basketball, tennis and even soccer (football) games, to the zip wire that can speedily whisk rope-holding guests from the crow's nest to the water, the Hampshire II seems to have been built expressly for action and adventure.

Powered by two large MTU 16V4000M53R diesels, the Hampshire II employs VTNaiad Marine zero-speed stabilizers to comfortably reach up to 16 knots and can cruise 5,500 nautical miles at 12 knots - not bad for a vessel with a beam of 41 feet 8 inches (12.7m). Of course, filling its tanks with 54,000 gallons (205,000 liters) of fuel could cost the price of a new Lamborghini, but nobody said adventure comes cheaply.

Once onboard, the fourteen guests the yacht can accommodate (attended to by a crew of up to 23) have a choice of diversions with which to amuse themselves. For great views, they can ride a two-person elevator up to the 82 foot (25m) high crow's nest. They can quench their thirst in the English-style bar on the bridge deck or tour the Ferrari red, white and black engine room to admire the design sense Redman Whiteley Dixon and Feadship teamed up to bring to this unique vessel.

For those who like to get wet, there's also a driftwood-styled "beach club" with water-access platforms that open up on the port and starboard sides and a hydraulic swim ladder that drops from the stern for even more water fun. No mention was made of the Hampshire II's pricetag, but like most things opulent, if you have to ask, you probably can't afford one.

Source: Feadship

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Who's the lucky owner? What's the final tab for this puppy?


I live around the corner and had a look today - where is it ?!


It is disgusting to think there are people with so much money they blow on something like this when so many live in poverty. Any man that is happy and content to live like a king while he knows others must live like animals is not much of a man!


Nelson wants to have the number of poverty stricken people, increase in the world. Because that is what would happen if all those skilled workers, who build those super yachts, found themselves out of work for lack of any of those rich people to buy the product of their labor.

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